How my Mom Reacted when I Became Muslim!

How my Mom Reacted when I Became Muslim!

In this video Sister Aisha interviews her mum on what it was like for her when she discovered Islam and slowly started to become a different person.
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  1. Islam ,Christianity and Judaism they do pray for the same God . Why though som hates one another . Its similar to a family som of the kids with bad maners. . We all are brothers and sisters

  2. brothers the people who attack muslims mentally or physically, pray that may allah give them guidance instead of cursing them.when nonbelievers hurt Muhammad (sm) in a war,he said oh Allah forgive them,they don't know what they r doing

  3. A person came to Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and asked, "Who among people is most deserving of my fine treatment?" He (ﷺ) said, "Your mother". He again asked, ''Who next?" "Your mother", the Prophet (ﷺ) replied again. He asked, "Who next?" He (the Prophet (ﷺ)) said again, "Your mother." He again asked, "Then who?" Thereupon he (ﷺ) said," Then your father." (Abu hurairah)

  4. nobody needs to convince you to be a muslim. they only need to explain the religion. if at the end of it you are not convince. fine and well. bcoz hidayah is from Allah. not from others. so do this life and the next. no one can force you to believe that there is life after death. coz no one came back from the dead to tell. finding the truth is a choice that everyone have. Please dont blame others if you finally find the truth at a time when your sahadah is of no value to Allah.

  5. MOM : "if anyone does want to challenge me about do i believe, everything is black and white, there is no grey"

    muslims: black and white? lol easy

  6. I love to share this beautiful words

    Science says "Seeing is believing"
    But Islam says "Believe to see it"

    Here a logical way to think over – A mom had only delivered her baby, born her baby, but Allah is the Creator who created the baby. Regardless science answered with all the placenta whatsoever, do we ever think? Who manage all 'em very well inside a mom's womb?

    Wallahualam. Let us do something for the sake of ummah of Prophet Muhammad saw.

  7. yeah this is a great video of mom & daughter relationship… sister the important thing i notice here is ur mom already half way in islam bcz she believe there is a god so she got 50% of it the other half is she should believe it is allah that's it… insha allah in near future she will definitely have her shahada… allah says in the holy quran if you want to understand me just look at my creations how i made them without a single mistake or an error… how perfect god is…. anyway i pray may almighty allah will guide u both in the right path…. and bestow his blessings and mercy on both of u. ameen

  8. Salam alaikom wa rahmatullahe wa barakato.
    This is a Islamic information: Why did God Almighty, the Holy, create everything in pairs? I mean that not only in Gender.
    sura 36 Yasin , verse 36 in (Qur’an Wisdom). God Almighty, Wise, All-Knowing proves to us that if (creation = plural) exist, it means that (the Creator = singular) exists. For example: (1 )paradise, (2)hellfire, (1)Proton, (2)Antiproton, (1)soul, (2)body, (1)Laughing, (2)Crying, (1)Angels without Gender, (2)In Earth {[1]}Humans and {[2]}Animals with Gender, {[(1) that Humans have beauty, Knowledgeable and {[(2) Animals have also beauty, Knowledgeable but not such as Humans, like (1)More and (2)Less)]}, (1)Heavens, (2)earth, (1)sun, (2)moon, (1)eating, (2)Drinking, (1)Human, (2)Djinn, (1)man, (2)women, (1)singular, (2 )plural, (1)Friuttree, (2)Normaltree, (1)limit living, (2)unlimited living (forever living), (1)Start, (2)End etc, and The heartbeat is also a pair, it has twice sound, test it, and the pronunciation of the blessed name of our almighty Creator is also double, for example (Al+lah= Allahالله) The sound of the heart and the name of God Almighty are not different, whoever you are, your heart is in the remembrance of God Almighty and thankful. In the Wise Qur'an, Sura 13 Al-Ra'd and verse 4, this interpretation is a summary of the blessed verse: that He almighty His creatures (on earth) are rained over them, it means that His creatures Humans, Animals, plants, are (plural) and water (singular) is for everyone, water comes from the sky and brings the water life to earth, it means that our Creator speaks to us, this is the hand write of our almighty Creator that He is Singular unique, he is one and he is No dependency, and (1)is not needy, like he does not has Father, Mother, Son, Daughter etc and even he did not born and we are (2)Needy to must obey him.
    when you eat, you have to chew slowly and you will also breathe more, also takes time, but by drinking you don't have to chew and you can also drink a glass of water in one breath, takes less time, it means that the result of Eating: slowly, chewing, breathing, takes more time = plural, and drinking: no chewing and is fast, normally a glass of water in one breath, takes less time = singular. La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasoolullah. Allahu Akbar. Please refrain from adultery, which is very unclean, the end is nothing but hell. Forgiveness and mercy of God Almighty has border, limits. God Almighty says that one who lives with lust becomes a liar, unbelievers and polytheists. The possibility is believing in God and get married. Get married means: honesty, promise, limits, border.

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