Why SpaceX's SN8 Was A Success Regardless

Why SpaceX's SN8 Was A Success Regardless

If your only source of news happened to be Elon Musk’s twitter feed, you’d be forgiven for thinking his Starship test launch in Boca Chica Texas the other day concluded with a total and unqualified success.
‘Mars, here we come!!’ Musk merrily tweeted, despite the fact his precious multi-million dollar spaceship had just spectacularly detonated all over the landing zone. .
‘Successful ascent, switchover to header tanks & precise flap control to landing point!’ Musk nonetheless enthused, even as his unmanned 16-storey rocket was smouldering hotly in a south Texas crater.
Today we’ll briefly be looking at why Elon Musk is so chirpy about the crash, and explaining why SpaceX SN8 was a success, regardless of its final outcome.

Why Starship SN8 Was A Success Regardless


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  1. When I have money I will buy Tesla or SpaceX stock. Not only because I want to make profit in the long run, but because I want to see Elon musk succeed

  2. You are reporting this as if it was a failure. This flight was a resounding success. All the manoeuvres were completed and the landing was less of an explosion and more of a split followed by the burn off of fuel residues. For a first attempt it was a remarkable achievement.

  3. It doesn't matter if it blew up. He got the data he needed. Yeah hes out a few million but, the benefits outweigh the consequences. Also, at least he's doing something. Now if only we can get our earth spaceship cleaned up.

  4. You are uncannily unqualified to report on SpaceX. Technological development is an agile and iterative process based on the design and development of prototypes to learn from and build toward the final result. By framing this as a "failure," and insisting that Musk is just boasting and denying said failure, and that maybe he "should lean his lesson," is both irresponsible journalism, and ignorance defined. Maybe better to inform and educate your audience rather than to mislead and misinform them, yes?

  5. After seeing this I have no more doubts that Elon Musk will become a trillionaire. What I love most about it becoming a reality is that the money Elon earned will continue to be invested in projects that will make the world a better place. We need more entrepreneurs with mindsets like his.

  6. I congratulate you Mr. Musk where everyone else sees failure you see success keep it going And if I can't be one of the Astronaut's in one of your ships I hope my children will be

  7. It's a success because the glide was perfect, validating the Starship team concept. The maneuver to go vertically too. As Spacex masters the landings perfectly, now the incident does not matter, it is incidental!