TANKMAS 2020: Live from The Tank Museum

TANKMAS 2020: Live from The Tank Museum

World of Tanks presents TANKMAS 2020: Live from The Tank Museum.

We couldn’t have got through 2020 without our supporters. To thank you all for standing by us during this awful year, The Tank Museum has partnered with @World of Tanks Europe to bring a bumper prize-filled Christmas live stream to the comfort of your home.

Presented by World of Tank’s Richard Cutland and The Tank Museum’s David Willey, viewers will be treated to competitions, live music, tank titbits, interviews, a look behind the scenes and special guests – including contributions from the best Tank Museums across the world.

Get into the TANKMAS Spirit and join us on Tuesday 15 December from 1800hrs (GMT).

Merry Christmas from The Tank Museum & World of Tanks! Visit https://tankmuseum.org/events/tankmas/ for more information and links to support The Tank Museum.

Not a World of Tanks player yet? Download the game using this link and claim your exclusive historical tanks! https://redir.wargaming.net/ou98beaw/?pub_id=TANKMAS2020
Best of all you will be supporting The Tank Museum – World of Tanks will make a donation for every new player.
You can also share the invite code ALPACA with friends!

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  1. "so you'll carry on tank chats for us?"
    "i've been told that when i reach the age that i'm incapable of walking in here, they'll wheel me in to do em!"
    Correct Mr Fletcher, correct 😀

  2. lot of rivetted tanks in the early war years from UK and US

    and the T28 is a symbol that the germans were also able to fool the americans if those started a T28 development simply by the american believe in a strong fortified Siegfried line … that never ever existed as strong as believed. Lot of money for a useless tank …

  3. I play War Thunder because I like jets – I have no interest in caroling milfs, or World of Tanks or tanks in general – YT please update your algorithms.

  4. The guy in the video has no idea of handling firearms…non functional or not,u never point a weapon towards someone!!!What is a sks-47u,never heard of it?Perhaps a aks-74u?What else did u guys get wrong.