What 14 Movies Looked Like Behind The Scenes in 2020 | Movies Insider

What 14 Movies Looked Like Behind The Scenes in 2020 | Movies Insider

2020 presented Hollywood with plenty of challenges, but it also brought its own set of breakthroughs in the world of special effects. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of 14 movies that featured imaginative animation, digital wizardry, lifelike practical effects, and cutting-edge stunt sequences.

2020’s 3D-animated films found innovative ways to animate and light their unique characters and worlds, the likes of which we’ve never seen before — from a character made up of a pair of pants in Pixar’s “Onward” to the otherworldly lunar kingdom seen in Netflix’s “Over the Moon.” Reboots like “Dolittle” and “The Call of the Wild,” along with the long anticipated video-game movie “Sonic the Hedgehog,” used VFX technology to combine CG animals with live-action human characters and environments.

Meanwhile, a combination of practical and digital effects made Machine Gun Kelly light on fire in “Project Power,” designed a thrilling tunnel escape in “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey,” and created a terrifying villain out of nothing in “The Invisible Man.” Finally, from the massive battle scenes in “Mulan” to the gripping fight sequences in “Extraction,” “Birds of Prey,” and “The Old Guard,” this year’s action films pushed actors and stunt performers to undergo extensive weapons and combat training to execute some truly impressive stunt work.

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What 14 Movies From 2020 Looked Like Behind The Scenes | Movies Insider


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  1. It's kinda sad that how much love we show to actors while these artists are doing lot of brilliant works.
    Stunt doubles, risking their lives. When considering action movies, most of the scenes are fighting/stunt scenes and stunt doubles are doing it, while the character hero/heroine taking rest and getting paid more and more. Also if you consider the superhero movies there are lot of script writing, story writing, Character design, environment design and many, but do we know who did all the works? No. We know who's the actor of the movie, but we don't know who wrote the script and who designed all these designs/animations, etc… We're praising, recognising and giving so much love for every single actor/actress like Rock, Vin D, Robert D Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett J and many… but we're not praising or recognising these kinda brilliant artists. Rick stunts, this man, and many talented artists are becoming unknown to people.

  2. I've been good at the jobs I've set out to get but I swear in the back of my head I'm always wondering how movies are filmed, why they choose the scenes they do, the angles, the locations and items in backdrop, how did the writers agree on the dialogue the whole thing. Maybe I should go for it. Acting seems impossible to break into but I could see myself working under a few movies and try directing my own. That would be my dream I think