The Scale of Everything – The Big, the Small and the Planck

The Scale of Everything - The Big, the Small and the Planck

Living on our little planet and looking up at the night sky it’s easy to forget just how big the scale of the universe really is not only on the grand scale but also on the microscopic one too, so for this video we look at the scale of everything from the size of the universe to the smallest distance we can conceive that doesn’t collapse our mathematical models put in place by Einstein and Planck.
This is Scale of Everything – The Big, the Small and the Planck

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Written, Researched and Presented by Paul Shillito

Images and Footage : NASA, ESA, Jonathan Lang, LIGO Lab Caltech : MIT, Chandra X-ray Observatory, HubbleESA, GreenLight Stock Footage

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  1. The answer may well come from research with a future particle accelerator, capable of one, two or more magnitude of energy – compared to the accelerator currently in use at CERN. Or the answer may well come from a genius theoretical physicist using only pen and paper.
    Thank you for the video…

  2. They can't be that small because I tripped over a planck once, it was my own fault though as I shouldn't of been on the building site anyway.

  3. So many big numbers, so much conjecture, our orbit is so small that the trigonometry involved in these measurements is ludicrous. These ideals that scientists come up with to try and explain God's creation (when he's already pretty much explained it in the Bible) sure seems stupid. On the cosmic scale we are like ants trying to figure out who built the pyramids.

  4. One more mind blowing reference.
    Spending at the rate of one million dollars per day, every single day, it would take 2,739 YEARS to spend one trillion dollars. Substitute “travel” for “spend” if you like. Don’t believe it? Turn your iPhone calculator sideways and discover many digits and capabilities.

  5. While I do believe God exists in every time zone ( today is 3 billion years ago, and it's the same day ) and every temporal space zone. He is not contained in
    Their is so much Einstein and the kid Stephen have no fricking grasp of! ( they are both dead ) I have met scientists , they are not that smart ! But we do get the nuts in the tree guessing.

  6. And we think all this just happened – no intelligent design – no discernable purpose for it's existence – no laws other than physical – and no entity maintaining it's existence; we better think again.

  7. Wow! Thank you for your clever numerical comparisons, which give me a totally new perspective about physical scaling.
    Ref 11:45… Also, viruses are not alive because they do not carry out metabolic processes like live cells do.

  8. The idea that God resides in the unknown is what philosophers call the God of the gaps. And we have this thing called science, which marches on and makes discoveries in those gaps, ultimately closing gaps.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson