A JINN incident Led me Towards Islam @Nailah Edwards – Victoria of Islam

A JINN incident Led me Towards Islam @Nailah Edwards - Victoria of Islam

This is sister Nailah’s story about how Allah gave Dawah to her through a Jinn which eventually lead her to convert to Islam.
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  1. The Collapse of the Caliphate

    “These same forces, operating in a collateral field, have effected a still more remarkable, and a more radical, revolution, culminating in the collapse and fall of the Muslim Caliphate, the most powerful institution of the whole Islamic world. This event of portentous significance has, moreover, been followed by a formal and definite separation of what was left of the Sunni faith in Turkey from the state, and by the complete secularization of the Republic that has arisen on the ruins of the Ottoman theocratic empire. This catastrophic fall, that stunned the Islamic world, and the avowed, the unqualified, and formal divorce between the spiritual and temporal powers, which distinguished the revolution in Turkey from that which occurred in Persia, I now proceed to consider.

    Sunni Islam has sustained, not through the action of a foreign and invading Power, but at the hands of a dictator, avowedly professing the Faith of Muhammad, a blow more grievous than that which fell, almost simultaneously, upon its sister-sect in Persia. This retributive act, directed 96 against the archenemy of the Faith of Bahá’u’lláh, recalls a similar disaster precipitated through the action of a Roman emperor, during the latter part of the first century of the Christian era—a disaster that razed to its foundations the Temple of Solomon, destroyed the Holy of Holies, laid waste the city of David, uprooted the Jewish hierarchy in Jerusalem, massacred thousands of the Jewish people—the persecutors of the religion of Jesus Christ—dispersed the remainder over the surface of the earth, and reared a pagan colony on Zion.

    The Caliph, the self-styled vicar of the Prophet of Islam, exercised a spiritual sovereignty, and was invested with a sacred character, which the Shah of Persia neither claimed nor possessed. Nor should it be forgotten that the sphere of his spiritual jurisdiction extended to countries far beyond the confines of his own empire, and embraced the overwhelming majority of Muslims throughout the world. He was, moreover, in his capacity as the Prophet’s representative on earth, regarded as the protector of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, the defender and propagator of Islam, and the commander of its followers in any holy war they might be called upon to wage.”

    (Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 95)

  2. Alhamdulillah the word came on her tongue was "ALLAH❤"
    Ma shaa Allah sister
    May Allah Azzawajal guide all of us Aameen Ya Rabbi❤
    Amd undoubtedly islam has liberated us alhamdulillah… And she is now a muslim since 10 years (SUBHAAN ALLAH❤)

  3. So out of blue you called Allah for help? You must be thinking about all Muslim stuff back of your head for quiet some time?

  4. A jin can enter human body if you are in a horrible scary feeling!

    I just wander will it try to enter your body at that moment when it hit the door for once when you close your room door!!?

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