The Missing Link in Renewables

The Missing Link in Renewables

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster

[6] Note: Many different sources quote different figures. There are of course high margins for error when estimating the total quantity of an element on a planet.

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

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  1. This is good feed.
    How about splitting the video in half and name the latter as "Next Generation Battery".
    Not many has the patient for a 20 minutes youtube video. It is ashame if those people missing out that part.

  2. yes, liquid can help, but not this kind of liquid. why don't we focus on some liquid we can gets our hands on? two reservoirs or one reservoir pair with underground well, with potential difference of some 20+meter will do. pump the water to the high one by excess wind or solar energy, maybe de salting water as well. when in use to generate electricity, release back to lower one using hydro generator. it is almost century old technology, even an average layman can understand this idea. yes, it is not most effective, but as the professor said, it is not how efficient it is, it is how available it is. the most difficult part probably will be find a high ground that suitable to build a lake. with something like this, we can buy time to wait for the professor to make other technology to mature. and storing fresh water probably is one of the most eco friendly facilities we can have. some countries will mandate artificial lakes/pool/reservoir to be dig to entertain the needs for fire fighting purposes and dry season consumption. which can be a good candidate to make one for the area.

  3. I got Curiosity Stream and Nebula…. Hmmm 6-8 months ago. You make it look so interesting in the ads… I haven't found anything that isn't old and outdated myself. i don't think I've ever watched any videos all the way through. They were both a great idea but poor execution has allowed them to flounder. It's not searchable in any meaningful sense like finding videos that fill your need for info. Much as I hate youtube ads Nebula and Curiosity Stream aren't even close!

  4. Stick some uranium in there. That'll keep the batteries nice and hot. Lol hell, set a battery farm if these in a nuclear plant and run the excess heat from power production through the batteries. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  5. In Australia we often refer to the "tyranny of distance", which applies directly to Grids and Grid Storage, a magnificent Engineering problem solving exercise. If the future expectations of Solar Roof Micro generation, Home Battery Storage and P2P EV vehicles continues, then there's a bit of explaining to be done as to why Government does not promote the same on-site Power systems for the Industries, the same ones we were told to buy our own systems for so as to allow them cheaper access to the failing fossil fuel system.

  6. Literally contradiction personified is this story. Russian nuclear fission reactor technology is very clean and designed to be so. It could be rolled out world wide right now! The liquid metal batteries are in development a point this video makes against other technology like nuclear. CONTRADICTION PERSONIFIED. 100% Nuclear is and always has been the only answer. Avoiding it will make our children's planet worse. It is a simple mathematic equation. Any argument against nuclear power is pushing back the inevitable for a start and also the only solution.

  7. Sounds terrific for the electric grid period, not just for renewable energy. If you can store energy; then you can reduce the generating capacity of the power plants needed to meet grid peak demand. This means smaller in number and size of coal, natural gas, or oil electric generating power stations. That alone will reduce pollution whether you add in renewable energy or don't add in renewable energy to your grid. It's a win-win.

  8. Interesting. We seem to be playing a game without knowing or understanding the rules. At least to some extent. We'll figure it out. We're pretty good at figuring things out. I love my Lion battery tools. Only one draw back is when the power goes, it goes suddenly without warning and needs recharging. Also over time they do lose efficiency. Energy storage seems the most problematic for renewables. Well presented video.

  9. The immense investments that dozens of car companies are putting into electric cars and the cheapness of solar power means that a solution to the power storage problem is basically inevitable. It's an exciting time.

  10. IMO fission reactors don’t have as many problems as youd think, and they might be an even better solution. Their biggest issue is that natural gas power plants are so cheap, but theyre cheap because they dont pay for the negative externalities their emissions cause. Perhaps a carbon tax could make for a fair playing field seeing as fission reactors DO have to pay for their own negative externalities (governments dont let commercial reactors just expel waste into the environment like coal/natural gas plants are allowed to do).

  11. You can also reason that the market works wrong. And that is not a unique problem. It pops up it's dirty little head everywhere we deal with basic needs on a large scale: education, health care, safety (police etc.). Politicians should do a better job. If only they understood their plight to socity better. We need a better kind of politics and politicians.

  12. energy storage is easy if you have excess electric production turn it into hydrogen. and to make electric cars we can put a shoe on the car and a conductor in the road like the ny subway has worked for 150 yrs

  13. Tesla transfered batteries already from storage to car production because of lithium price explosion 2021 and for storges other faxtors than for cars are more important most short time electricity storage still from water pumped up in lakes or tanks with relative high efficiency and low costs and need for storage would nit be si high without solar and wind power peaks to store or lost or no energy.

    CATL Na battery awaited for 2023 already other types are used for new china storage and car battery in future is maybe Mg ammonia battery.

  14. NEIN
    CO2 macht nur wenig von gesamtem Treibhauseffekt ca. +33°C meist von H2O, N2, O2 usw. zuvor nur ca. +2°C von CO2 in allen Büchern wie Kohlenstoffkeislauf mit CO2 Photosynthese Reduktion mit CO2 Konzentrationsanstieg zunehmend neist im Meer von da auch ca. 70% O2 mit signifikantem Effekt auf Biogrünmasse auch Agrar dazu die Kalkbildner siehe Kalksandsteinschichten usw.

    Wieviel CO2 freigesetzt wird ist egal sondern Anstiegsrate in Atmosphäre zählt die ist aber mit nur ca. +2ppm/a nicht hoch damit erst 2070 wieder +100ppm +0,5°C wie bei Anstieg auf 380ppm mit ca. -0,25°C von mit freigesetzt Schwefelverbindungen blieb nur +0,25°C in Welt ohne die Arktiserwärnung auf Basis von Abühlungsphase zuvor und dort lokal nicht von CO2 sonst global gleich erwärmt.

  15. Since it's metal and very hot metal my thoughts are to put it at the top of a hole and possibly keep it spinning like gravitational energy storage and mechanical energy storage. Since it's heavy and all that. Plus I don't want hot metal just easily accessed and when in operation it should get hotter. So with discharging having it slowly slide down the shaft to keep it away from things would be a great idea.

    The spinning probably not as much, I imagine, since it could interfere with the separation maybe?

    Then there's always the possibility of only needing so much heat for the reaction to go smoothly and being able to recapture it via Stirling engine processes to maintain thermals and recapture some energy loss as a plus!

  16. ACTUALLY…the NCA, LCO, and NMC battery chemistries thermal runaway problems will (or has already) open the door for cheaper and safer LFP batteries for everything from EV to home power storage to utility scale energy storage without the demand for rare earth elements. Thermal chemistry energy storage has a long way to go and as expressed in this video, has a fragile infrastructure that is difficult to manufacturer.

  17. Plants can use sunlight more efficiently than humans and humans are copying the plant laid blueprint for utilizing the energy from the sun. This answers the question “ can plants think” the answer is YES and they can outthink us humans so ma

    All Lithium Ion batteries suffer from the same problem, spikes that grow between the cathode and anode until they reach the other side and cause maximum current flow through the short circuit. In many cases that can mean a fire that will also completely destroy the vehicle because using chemicals or water to put out such a hot fire basically does not work. For that reason most fire stations will allow them to burn until they run out of fuel.

  19. They are not "renewables" unless you have extra expensive windmills in your back pocket. These things are mechanical monsters that use toxic rare earth metals and complex gearboxes that require but seldom get a lot of human maintenance to check and change lubricating oil. This is why you see scorched windmills throughout wind farms that bare testament to destructive fires that result.

    Another reason this name is inappropriate is because they are "unreliable" since windmills seldom work on a reliable time scale.

  20. Coal exit only decided without the largest producer and importer China and the USA with largest coal reserves and largest exporter in the world Australia and India net zero carbon 2070 long after the fossil energy maximum until then probably coal in China, Indonesia & India, petroleum in Saudi Arabia.

    The green lungs of the earth are oceans with approx. 70% O2 from CO2 photosynthesis!

  21. This video is a breath of fresh air in regard to the challenges that face renewable energy and reference promising, realistic, solutions to remedy the pitfalls and increase the chances of faster adoption. Just came here from asapScience's "utopian" video about renewables that had zero scientific evidences of the cons that renewables are facing. Shamefully they also had to bring politics and 70% tax the rich which immediately turned me off as that isn't even close to being a realistic strategy.