How Marvel Movies Kill Their Characters

How Marvel Movies Kill Their Characters

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Marvel has done a great job of creating a cinematic universe in which Thanos and Tony Stark could reasonably lead the same film. When it comes time to kill a super character in film, things get a bit more difficult. Now that Avengers Endgame is well behind us, it’s time to take a look at that very challenge.

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  1. Happy New Year! I have tried to get this video up THREE times now, and it gets blocked after a day or two every time. Hopefully these new tweaks will keep it up for good. A lot of you have messaged me about it so I figured I'd give it one more shot instead of letting the video die in the copyright graveyard.


  2. The funny thing is, that the Iron Man example is the text book definition of how to kill a character. And it's the exact opposite of what George R. R. Martin does in Game of Thrones. This is why Iron Man's death leaves us somber, but at peace, but Ned Stark's or Rob Stark's death leaves the audience with the gut wrenching feeling. Tony's arc was finished, but this means we as the audience expect the death. Ned and Rob on the other hand have been taken from the middle of their live, it's way closer to reality and therefore hits so much harder.

  3. I guess you could say Mothra’s death in GKOM is a way to kill a character. She dies protecting Godzilla and charges at Ghidorah knowing full well that she can’t take him on. But her legacy is still present when Godzilla goes thermonuclear and you can see Mothra’s wing patterns and her call when Godzilla dose his three nuclear pulses killing Ghidorah.

  4. I'm surprised this doesn't go into just how badly they botched this for Black Widow in the exact same movie. She was used as motivation and the world moved on without her with only a brief pause. No funeral, no remembrance. Horrible.

  5. One of the best deaths is Dinobot in Beast Wars – planned long in advance by the creative team because they didn't want executive decisions to remove existing characters cause another rushed death to be written in.

  6. Disagree about having to tie up loose ends, it gives a bigger impact if someone dies before he has done everything he wanted, if you would let everyone live to do everything they want. The only thing left to do with them is to kill them or retire them. We see this coming back in people predicting both cap and tony die/retire. If they would’ve killed if someone with some loose ends, it wouldn’t have been predictable and therefore more impactful. (Not that Tony’s death wasn’t impactful at all) Though you shouldn’t kill if someone with too much potential like Spider-Man

  7. I've heard that Quicksilver died due to copyright reasons. But honestly I kinda think he had to die other wise Civil War, Infinity War, and End Game would have gone way different.

    I think we can agree that between the MCU Quicksilver and the First Class Quicksilver that the MCU one is really slow by comparison. That being said he is still so ridiculously fast that whichever team had him in Civil War had the fight in the bag (they would basically have to lose on purpose). Considering he is likely to side with whoever Wanda sides with I I think it's fair to say he would go with team Cap (especially since I'm not convinced he would ever side with Tony due to the way his parents died). Admittedly team Iron man had the most fliers of the two teams and thus could reasonably negate Quicksilver's advantage on the ground as a combatant. That being said he could still move his team mates really fast by picking them up and carrying them to another location (since we have already seen he can do this without hurting the people he is carrying) which would give them a huge mobility advantage just short of teleportation. All in all it seems to me that the easiest way to deal with him in Civil war is to deal with him preemptively or to write in a reason for him not to be in the fight (ie injure him in the same way Fox's Quicksilver was injured in the Phoenix movie and take him out of contention for the rest of the video). The same thing could kind of be said for Infinity War and End Game. After all in IW he could play keep away with the Mind Stone almost all day (not taking into account Thanos using the Time Stone) and even before that he could deal with a huge portion of the army that was evading Wakanda all on his own meaning the Avengers wouldn't be as tired when Thanos finally arrives himself.

    All in all I remember reading that the comics version of Civil War (the first one) had Tony (and the rest of his secret lightbulb club) send hulk into outer space because the writers knew that whichever side had Hulk wouldn't go down easy and given Hulk and Bruce's bad blood with the Government (ie Ross) that he would never side with Tony/registration.

  8. The reason tony’s death sticks out is because of his entire arc throughout the mcu has been redemption. He started this saga as a villain and since then he’s been taking step after step to repent for his sins. And then he saved everyone and that’s when he truly earned redemption.

  9. One more thing about Tony’s death that is meaningful is how he was the most likely to die, being a regular human as you put. But Tony wasn’t murdered or killed in battle as one might expect of a regular person amongst gods, but rather it was death thru his sacrifice of his fragile humanity.

  10. It's just common sense to treat a character with respect. Even if they don't die, treat them with the same respect you would treat a real life hero. I love your point about how death should be an expression of the character who dies. It always makes the death feel meaningful. And not all of Tony's story was tied up – his daughter was left fatherless. You knew that he really cared about her because they showed that early in the film, and it gives his death even more depth because you know he actually had something to lose. A sacrifice is not a sacrifice unless you are giving up something you truly want/need.

  11. well watch this comic book destroy characters of bad all round in every Realm new comic book coming out earth HUMAN team will fuck you up come on try haha you fucked up

  12. Claw was the only character that deserved to die. He was evil. All other villains had sound arguments and legit beefs just went about solving their perceived problems w/ methodical saluter. Even MCU Red Skull wasn’t buying into Master Race BS.

  13. sucks that in the same movie black widow died with a retread of a different, more meaningful death with almost no time to mourn her afterwards, but they did to tony's really well

  14. Some of these are certainly very wrong. The point of death is that sometimes it doesn't wait for the character to complete a story arch. Sometimes that's the point and to stick to your rules is classic bad writing. It's what young or inexperienced writers do.