10 Tiny Spying Gadgets

10 Tiny Spying Gadgets

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 5G, everything is connected. James Bond’s series of films premiered in the 60s, but had they taken place in 2020, Sean Connery would have been spoilt for choice when it came to spying gadgets. While special forces have access to some of the most advanced tech on the planet, the average consumer’s options seem pretty limited in comparison. But the internet of things is about to change this as more options become available to us – here are our top 10 spying gadgets that you can buy today.

Such as spycam pen, air freshener with camera, mini flying drone, night vision monocular, spying keys, rfid blocking wallet


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  1. the future is friendly
    Yes and No…. Lul

    By all means bank robberys and crime have gone down thanks to cash slowly disappearing and cameras being out everywhere….

    TBH id like drones 24 / 7 in the citys skys…

    I dont have anything to hide and am sick of hearing about kids going missing and rapes in alleys….

    Lets watch everyone…. Have people watching the people who are watching people…..

    Its inevitable.

  2. Why is it always that the technology they developed, by they? I mean them, is always for war or spying, or control, what are they afraid of. what the fuck is wrong with you all

  3. Lemme tell you that the most advanced drones don't use a phone, in fact, most toy drones do that. The dji matrice drones have 2 controllers, and the inspire has that function too. You still use the phone for video feed but even then there is a built in option for the dji mini 2 (soon). If you are talking abouth hmd's, only (normally) fpv pilots use it, and it is not usefull if you want an hd video feed. I know dji launched their 2nd gen fpv goggles but still, drones make way to much noise to be stealthy, and unless you fly at an altitude of 60m, they will clearly hear you.

  4. As a long time drone pilot, I take great offence to your implication of using a "drone" as a spy device. Not only are they way to loud to actually "spy" on anyone, if you go to an altitude high enough to not be heard you're not going to be able to see anything other than the fact someone is on the ground but no clue as to what they are doing. And what's even more comical is showing racing drones which are the loudest form of drones and have a fixed angle camera.
    Ignorance like this just fuels other peoples ignorance of the use of drones