Experts fear spike of coronavirus cases after the holidays

Experts fear spike of coronavirus cases after the holidays

The coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is getting more dire by the day. Estimates show one American is dying from the virus every 30 seconds. Meanwhile, cases …


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  1. In 2017, during a presentation at Georgetown University Medical Center, Fauci told an audience that there would be a "surprise outbreak" in the coming administration.

    Look up Event 201 A Global Pandemic Exercise that took place in October 2019. The scenario mirrors our current "crisis". Paid for by The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation. Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum were also involved. Establishment fact check sites will have you believe this is just a "conspiracy theory" and a coincidence. You decide.

    Look up The Rockefeller Foundation 2010 document Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development (page 18 Lock Step). This talks about a pandemic being used to lock down society.

    Look up the 2020 US Quarter. Why do you think they chose to use bats on this quarter? Just a coincidence? Unlikely… Everything happening has been meticulously planned by these evil POS!

  2. Here's a clip of Kary Mullis (the Nobel Prize winning creator of the PCR test) calling Anthony Fauci a liar!

    Mullis conveniently died 72 days before Event 201. Never heard of Event 201?

    Event 201 A Global Pandemic Exercise took place in October 2019. The scenario mirrors our current "crisis". Paid for by The Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation. Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum were also involved. Establishment fact check sites will have you believe this is just a "conspiracy theory" and a coincidence. You decide.

  3. Wait, the FDA, WHO and Dr.Fauci just admitted the tests were not accurate and false positives were being claimed. The numbers of COVID cases are far less than what is being reported. They are lying to you.

  4. Please save our Doctors, and our Nurses and the health care workers everyone please stay home eat healthy and do your exercise only go out if you need to Rip to everyone who died from Covid-19 and the 2 more deadly strains

  5. Most pharmacists are doctors and chemist the pharmacist that threw the vaccines away probably knew something that we didn’t know it could be a 95% that he saved lives by throwing the vaccines away just like it is said the vaccines may only be 95% effective

  6. Americans please purchase air purifiers for your home change your filters as directed buy the biggest ones you can afford and also purchase humidifiers the biggest ones you can get

  7. @7:58 there it is. Fed fed fed. They're gearing it up. Watch. The federal will step in like they don't want to and never planned to do so in the first place. Get ya popcorn folks, enjoy the show. Wont ever be another one like it again.

  8. 1. Deaths from covid are Fictional! Many of us know the fight with the hospitals to KEEP covid off the certificate as reason of death when it wasn't!! However, Nothing to fear! Any spike breakout is called Herd Immunity! We even have a cure — HCQ! You can get it SAME DAY you reallize you're sick by simply chatting with a Reputable doctor.

  9. When have any experts been right about China virus?? Lies lies lies fear mongers….but hey democrat leaders still go out maskless or defy stay at home orders and nobody says shit…I guess its trump fault the democrats cant abide by there own rules

  10. It's really strange how people are dying when in fact they could be saved, right at first diagnosis of Covid. It seems like treatments like the monoclonal antibodies are being pushed under the rug. Bamlanivimab and Regeneron (the "cocktail") should be administered to those who are in the risk category (which is a large one and not just the over 65) as quickly as the disease is diagnosed/spotted. These antibodies significantly reduce viral load. Vaccines are being promoted while treatments are being ignored. Monoclonal antibodies are sitting on shelves at health care facilities because "doctors and nurses don't know how to administer them." Not treating patients but simply sending them home with no remedy is, well, nothing but medical malpractice.

  11. Herbs vs Vaccines …. trust herbs which were created for food along with fruits and vegetables and used since time began.
    Looks like all those claims that covid 19 is a plandemic were not just conspiracy theorists after all. This video below provides screenshots in video and links below the video to documents off of WHO website about planned simulations one of which is a Live “Training & Simulation Exercise” which mentions a release of a lethal respiratory pathogen. This was apparently agreed to by 196 countries years ago but this time the U.S. was not informed apparently by China till after the exercise / respiratory covid 19 pathogen was crossing borders and infecting people according to the White House News Alert video where starting at minute 6:43 of this video Mike Pompeo exposes that we are in a live exercise and Pres. Trump looks over to Dr Fauci and asks why were we not told. This video is the most credible one I have come across to date which provides proof of a "plandemic" which I was skeptical of until now.

  12. According to the CDC, >60k Covid deaths are in people under 64. According to US Census, 288 million people are under 64, the vast majority of population. Seniors have 300k deaths for a population of 50 million. Combining these stats reveals a disease that is dangerous to the elderly. Media is obscurring the truth with sensationalism.

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