Every city has its advantages and disadvantages, today we will be looking at Vienna, Austria. Many times Vienna was named the world’s best city for living, let’s see why. – check out my website where you find lots of helpful information about life in Germany and Austria.
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About me:
I am Anna – an explorer, traveler, and global citizen who originated in Mother Russia.
The last 5 years I have spent in Germany, Greece, Austria, and India working, studying, or volunteering. Currently, I am pursuing my big goal – a bachelor in International Business in Austria.
On this platform, I am helping people from around the world move to Germany and Austria to work, study, or start a business.


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  1. Anna, those coffee houses sound divine. May I ask what do you wish to do with your International Business qualification? The most important aspects of moving to a new city in another country are that: (1) You have qualifications to do a particular job; (2) You can speak the language. I have assumed that in addition you have a good reason for wanting to be there, eg, your boyfriend lives there; you have family there; you have fallen in love with the city.

  2. Austria is one of the best places to live in EU. But did you know Austria ease up to provide citizenship to foreigners by investment in the economy?. Btw great video Anna!

  3. There definitely more pros than cons for me living in Vienna, it's definitely one of the best cities, with one of the best public transport system in the world, it works usually 24/7 I had to use it a lot of times in the night and it was really good as it was on day time. I tried a couple of times to leave the city and find a job somewhere else. But the final decision ends always with staying in Vienna and the point with the easy traveling is a good one. With so many countries around Austria it's really easy to go for a short trip to another place.
    I like that. Shopping is expensive,
    if you compare it with for example Munich and Munich is an expensive city in Germany it's for groceries an almost €0,50 to €1,00 higher price to pay. And the smaller post offices can close for lunch sometimes between noon until 1 or 2 pm.
    The most stores are closing at 8pm from Monday to Friday and on Saturday at 6pm, so organize your self.
    If you like to have a job with more English you need to go into the gastronomy, the Hotel business or the tourism and cultural business with all the visitors in Vienna, we have the UNO City, the OPEC, a lot of Marriott Hotels, the Hilton and the Ritz Carlton.
    And these companies need of course people with multiple language skills which includes English. Sales manager, Event manager, IT manager, operations manager and a lot more.
    So Vienna is growing in different ways and needs well educated people from around the world.

  4. Danke, liebe Anna,
    für diesen genau so gut vorbereiteten, wie vorgetragenen Vortrag über die so berühmte, charmante und liebenswerte Donaustadt Wien!
    Hier ein Vorschlag für weitere Themen Deines Kanales:
    Erzähle uns doch mal etwas aus Deinem früheren und Deinem jetzigen Leben, denn ich glaube, daß dies viele Deiner Zuschauer interessieren würde. Ich denke an Fragen, wie:
    "Wer bin ich, wie wurde ich dazu, woher komme ich, was treibt mich an, was glaube ich, was erhoffe ich und wie sieht mein Leben mit oder ohne Mann aus?"

  5. Hallo Anna, wie versprochen ein
    frohes Weihnachtsfest und ein gutes neues Jahr 2021!!
    In Wien war ich nur zu Besuch als Tourist, ist eine tolle Stadt, der Naschmarkt, das Hundertwasserhaus, Kaffeehäuser … Ja wirklich zu empfehlen! Wünsche Dir eine gute Zeit und viele schöne Tage!!

  6. Hallo liebe Anna (meine Tochter heißt auch Anna) und Servus (=Hallo) aus Wien!
    Da dein Englisch viel besser ist als meines, schreibe ich dir auf Deutsch. Ich finde deinen leicht russischen Akzent bezaubernd!
    Gratuliere dir zu deinem sehr informativen Video. Das ist sicher eine große Hilfe für andere Menschen, die sich für ein Leben im schönen Wien interessieren.
    Du hast wirklich die wichtigsten Punkte erwähnt. Zu erwähnen wäre vielleicht nocht, dass Wien, für eine so große Stadt, auch sehr sicher ist. Ich denke, gerade auch als Frau, kann man sich in Wien eigentlich, zu jeder Uhrzeit, und an jedem Ort sehr sicher fühlen. Die Kriminalität ist kein nennenswertes Problem in Wien und auch die Polizei ist sehr zuverlässig und tatsächlich für den Bürger und die Menschen da.
    Ja, auch ich bin, natürlich als Österreicher (das gilt nicht nur für Wien) ein Kaffeeliebhaber. Es gibt wirklich unzählige traditionelle, wunderschöne Cafes in Wien, aber, geraden in den letzten Jahren, kamen sehr viele, moderne, coole Cafe dazu, die oft den Kaffee selbst rösten und hervorragende Qualität und Auswahl anbieten. Als Beispiel: oder

    Die berühmten "Mehlspeisen" also die süßen Dinge, wie Sachertorte etc. nicht zu vergessen.

    Natürlich leidet das Leben in Wien derzeit auch unter Corona und dem Lockdown, aber ich hoffe das bessert sich 2021 wieder deutlich. Auch ich vermisse es nämlich schon sehr, bei einem guten Kaffee, einer Zeitung und mit ein paar lieben Menschen, zu sitzen und zu genießen.

    Beste Grüße and stay safe!

  7. I am Brazilian and visited Vienna. Really Vienna is a wonderful city. I think if the public health system is good, it compensates high tax burden. Health expenses are completly unpredictable. Even people who have some millions of dollars, can go bankrupt depending on the disease. Have a good luck!

  8. Viennese here…to finance most of those "Pros" you evaluated like for instance subsidized housing or very affordable Public Transportation, state healthinsurance respectively public healthcare, social services, free education system, keeping the enviroment clean and pretty in general…etc… therefore taxes are needed….as simple as that….it´s a "Give and Take"…would that all not exist although high taxes then I would agree with you that "high taxes" are a "Con"…but that is here not the case.

  9. If you compare other big cities in Europe Vienna night life is very boring.Most of Austrians are very cold,don't like so much forners and if you don't speak good german good luck finding a good pay job.

  10. Vienna is clearly the easiest city to live in Europe. I refer strictly to issues of infrastructure, access to services, high quality of envrionmentals. When it comes to issues like friendliness of locals and / or doing business clearly not a good choice. A great place for fanmilies with little kids and oöd people but not Europe‘s most exciting destination for fun. It is a sleepy city. Live in the center where by 8 pm you hardly see any people. Thank god for the existence of foreign people who give the real colors and oxygen of life to the place.

  11. Putting Vienna on my travel list after the pandemic. I have watched many videos about different cities and countries in Europe recently, and it seemed that Vienna has the best reputation and what I love so far. I am a coffee-lover and music-lover as well, so I can't wait to visit it in person!!

  12. I do really like your videos. Its just the second video I watched and I already subscribed 🙂 Especially your mentioning of taxes in the countries is helpful. Keep going! 🙂

  13. Better compared to germany. Poor Germany a lot graffiti's there. Austria, Hungary, about Czech not so sure. They are clean countries with culture, high social status and upper class whatever comes to your minds related to elegance.

  14. Dear.. Now Vienna is not anymore the best place.. All kind of trash and looser are living there..let art museum.. Blah, a tourist is OK.. But just go around in other quarts..

  15. "dont live, and havent lived in VIenna. have visited twice" – why you are giving advices on Austria not knowing anything about it? 😀
    Im sorry, but you do not know how it's living here, how complicated things actually are and how it works 😀

  16. Regarding taxes, we are paying quit a lot but at the end of the year we get back money from the taxes, also family bonus help for the kids and not related to the taxes is family allowance that is from 180 euros/month or more per kid. In other European countries this allowance is super low, like in Italy ( 50 euros/month per kid)