EU doubles Covid vaccine order as Germany sees record deaths | DW News

EU doubles Covid vaccine order as Germany sees record deaths | DW News

The European Commission has reached a deal with drug makers Pfizer and BioNTech to doubles its order of their Covid vaccine. The move secures the EU …


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  1. There's no cure for the Virus. That means this b.s. can and will be played out indefinitely. But for what end? Remember the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror". Those campaigns also had an end, and it sure wasn't to end drugs or terror! Look, no "cure" has been discovered for the other Corona Virus' has there? It's really obvious there's a strategy at play here and in a way, it matters little if it was planned or not. Either way, the Oligarchs can use the "crisis" for whatever end they please. Listen to the dissenting voices of thousands of SCIENTISTS. If that ain't good enough, then look at WHERE power and control is being consolidated. OR, look at who stands to win big….and who always seems to be on the losing end. If that ain't enough, well, then just follow the money! Maybe then you might get a clue as to what's really going on.

  2. Looking forward to when we get hands on all the data about health systems in the world during this period. It will tell if the "experts" were really the experts. For now, they get my vote of confidence.

  3. Were there really complains about the slowness and insufficiency of the EU orders? From the Pfizer people? In France, for example, people criticized ONLY the slowness of vaccination: with already some 1 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine accumulated since Dec 26, so far only 80000 people have reportedly received their first injection.

  4. For people who are wondering what happened in those two sealed cities, 14 new local cases were confirmed in the province of one of the sealed cities and a total of 31 new local cases were confirmed yesterday. By the way, thank DW for not stating clearly about the sealed cities in China. I think without my explanation most people would think another huge outbreak is going on in China. I live in Shenzhen, a city with a population over 15 million, commuting to work every day (wearing mask on public transit) and dining out every day.

  5. Quran, Surah Rum, 40:
    It is Allah Who created you, then bestowed upon you your sustenance, and He will cause you to die and then will bring you back to life. Can any of those whom you associate with Allah in His Divinity! do any such thing? Glory be to Him and exalted be He above whatever they associate with Allah in His Divinity.

  6. stop saying you are in lockdown, you are not. just look in the footage in the gate , what are all those people doing there? every time you show reports in the street you see people walking around, many without masks. you have not closed borders, you allow people rallying in the streets like when the last lockdown was announced, you dont have police in the streets sending people back to the house. so yeah, thats is not a lock down.

  7. Why wasn't the PfizerBiontech-vaccine prioritized to those who could actually handle it? Any area that couldn't properly handle it could pass on it, allow others to vaccinate faster, and then as other versions are approved, you prioritize those who passed on PfizerBiontech? Yes we all want vaccinations in our local areas, but Covid doesn't care about borders, vaccinate ASAP.

  8. Well, if Germany bought extra doses for themselves, they have not surfaced yet. At the current pace it will take several years before everyone is vaccinated.

  9. Sinovac is much better ,middle eastand other asian countries purchases million doses of those .I know chinese vaccine is much more effective than overrated Pfizer.because Chinese knew the virus very well ,and with their experiences from previous viruses .

  10. Could somebody please explain why member state TAXPAYERS HAVE BEEN SWINDLED BY CORRUPT POLITIANS IN TO FINANCEING THIS UNDEMOCRATIC UNACCOUNTABLE MONEY PIT OF A GOVERNMENT without a country in charge of 40 odd countries who's corrupt politians formed it get together and elect it's president (von den liar )lol set it's eye watering budget and mandate so member state taxpayers are PAYING FOR THEIR ELECTED CORRUPT HOME GOVERNMENT WHICH swindles money from TAXPAYERS to Finance A FAULSE GOVERNMENT with power to set ridiculous Tax and any punitive laws to fine and dictate to populations With the blessing of our corrupt politians BECAUSE ALL MEMBER STATES HAVE TO AGREE BEFORE IT BECOMES LAW and that includes the amount of membership fee (SWINDLED TAXPAYERS MONEY )member state taxpayers own and employ this hated government

  11. 看!为了维护自己利益的虚伪政客和政府正在奴役人民,是时候觉醒行动了!消除压迫!追求自由平等!为幸福生活竭尽全力!look around!Hypocritical politicians and governments are enslaving people to protect their own interests,Its time to Wake up and Take action! Remove oppression! Pursue freedom and equality! Do your best for a happy life!

  12. Imagine recording everyone that's died WITH or died for any reason within 28 days of a positive test from the common cold/flu! Then putting those figures on the news everyday.
    You would then have a flu pandemic every year.

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