Tenet – The Best Kind Of Failure

Tenet - The Best Kind Of Failure

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm back from my break, and I hope you enjoyed today's video!

    I'm currently working on two videos right now. One on Cyberpunk 2077, I'm doing something extra special for that, and the other is on Wonder Woman 1984, what is quite possibly the worst superhero movie ever made. I hate that film. I just hate it. I still don't know if I want to make a proper video essay on it, or just a full on rant. It makes batman v superman look like a 9/10 masterpiece.

    If you want to chat with me and the rest of the community, feel free to join my discord server. I am very active on it, and if you want to discuss films or creative writing, it's the place for you!

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    All the best,
    – Henry

  2. Well okay i like this theory that it is just an experiment. When i finished the movie i also couldn't decide if the movie was bad because Nolan was too full of himself or because it was on purpose because it kinda felt like it was. I just couldn't get my head around why and your explanation makes it a lot clearer. Still tho i in part disagree with you. I think he made a few mistakes in this experiments and that is primarily why it didn't work.
    So in order for him to keep audience interested he had to make an interesting and fast paced plot and that plot is too complicated and confusing and the movie never bothers to pause and explain something. There is the plot twist at the end and the whole grand plan but nobody has a chance to see it all. It is like a whole new experiment in itself. He even hinted it in the movie when the scientist said that you shouldn't try to understand it and you should just feel it. It is like not only did Nolan try to make a movie work with no characters he also tried if the story would be good if it will be just mindless action that nobody would understand. Because i actually think that it could have worked way better if at least the concept of the sci-fi plot in the movie was explained properly but it wasn't. Take first John Wick for example. Yes there is some motivation and moments we empathasize with him but mostly the whole movie and that is why it is also famous is a big excuse to film some incredibly original and fresh action scenes and put it into at least some kind of a story. John Wick himself also doesn't really have much of a character we just know that he was a badass and that he loved his dog and wife and now he is angry and has nothing to lose. Yes it is still at least something. And now the question is would the movie be still entertaining if the John Wick would just be some random dude we know nothing about killing gangster in a nightclub ? I actually think it would if there was a plot interesting enough to explain why it is happening.

  3. I liked that the opening the characters knew what was going on and the audience was confused. Your suggested opening would have been fine, but we don't always need an audience insert

  4. Sorry but there is a thing called Hubris which comes into this equation. Nolan could have cast a more charismatic star like Bale or Leo in that role and given the audience a movie star. John David Washington is NOT an movie star and had very little charisma to pull off a character with no backstory. His father might have. But not Washington. And I think it was hubris on Nolan’s part because he seems to think his name is enough to make up for that hole. He is a genius but he is also a Hollywood director who can’t see the forest for the trees till his film is released and a wider discussion is had

  5. What confused me as a Russian during watching the trailer early and the movie itself in cinema was the fact that the black-skin person is pretending to be part of the Ukrainian special forces group and nobody around in the squad found this suspicious until the protagonist is forced to answer the question. You know, because in the post soviet space (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc..) there are no black-skin people living in the country as natives even today. If you meet a black-skin person from Africa or States in these countries they are obviously arrived from abroad for personal or business reasons.

  6. I enjoyed reading the Tenet screenplay much more than watching the actual movie. There are so many explanations on paper that never made their way on screen. For example the explanation why he is shooting at himself during the fight.

  7. I think the best part of Tenet is the Protagonist character. Because alike 007 this Protagonist is a new character, he is sometimes naive, funny, easy to trust, and openned for a failure.
    And one of the reasons why 007 is not interesting anymore is because we know the main character would never be in read danger or die simply because the franchise will never be shut down so easy. But here – in Tenet – this character can be killed and can make a serious mistake. And most likely will during the film. Following his journey with no time to catch a breat reminds a real-life experience of being in the middle of an unusual situation: you mostly guess what is going on, there is no guidance how to solve the problem, and there is no "replay" button. As result, you adapt on the move or you lose. This is what Tenet gives us: If you will blindly follow the info you are given – you will be lost. If you will develop your own opinion on the situation – you might understand what is going on on time.
    The problem is, most of the audiences do not enjoy thinking under pressure. And even less like to do this in cinema.

  8. The movie was confusing and the pacing was weird. You couldn't hear dialogue clearly through gasmasked characters.

    Got that out of the way, this movie was good. It wasn't very kind to the watcher but not many high concept sci-fi movies are. Nolan is good at allowing the audience to figure out the story at the same time as the characters. I was confused most of the movie but so was the nameless protagonist. Nolan really creates an experience of sorts that keeps me engaged. It can be a little magical at times and require tutorials of the rules in order to follow, but I enjoy Nolan's storytelling and world building.

    I wish Nolan made a confusing videogame I could enjoy.

  9. sorry bro, but I think you're seeing things that aren't there because you love Nolan. I think like a lot of extremely successful or prolific film makers Chris Nolan has become laser focused on the one one thing that really interests him to the exclusion of all else, to the point where areas is which he was previously competent start to suffer. I mean come on, he didn't even bother to name his protagonist. Take even a cursory look at some of our most known film makers and you see the same thing which you frame as complacency (Ridley Scott has been demonstrably obsessed with the meaning of life since at least kingdom of heaven, M. Night more interested in his stories twist than its quality) but in Nolan's case you manage to see as genius (there is no reason Dunkirk needed or even should have been made the way it was except for Nolan's preference for non-linier story telling and preference for exploring multiple points of view).

    I really feel he has simply gotten so big that he doesn't make good films (or even one's you can hear) anymore because he doesn't have to. It isn't where he wants to focus his efforts so he doesn't. That's about as complacent as one can get.

  10. "Thats how it is said in Latin"
    – The Closer Look
    There exists no right pronouncation for latin, since it is a dead language and all native speakers are more than a few 100 years behind us, please tell me how Latin pronouncation can be deemed the 'right' pronouncation?

  11. I…think I disagree with an axiom upon which you base your thesis: I didn't find the characters in this uninteresting. Their personalities aren't shallow, even though we only get to see thin slices of them. Their motives are clear within the context of the movie, and there are hints at lives beyond it for all but the Protagonist, who is so busy protagonisting that we don't need to know more than that about him. It's like watching the origin story for Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. – we don't need to know who he was before the inciting incident, because he'll be defined as a character by his role in the organization.

  12. Nolan went for a home run but still hit a double with Tenet. Some years from now a new filmmaker will take this concept of story telling and hit that home run!

  13. Nolan is one of my favourite directors because he is always pushing himself to make something nobody else has ever done before.

    I really liked Tenet. Yes, it's true it has some weak characters, but that does not matter at all in the context of the film. Tenet is a completely unqiue experience. Nobody has ever done time travel the way Nolan does in Tenet before, and that alone makes it an incredibly engaging story to me. Nobody is going to sit here and argue it is going to win awards for character writing, but in terms of pure creativity, there is just nothing out there like it.

    Nolan is probably my favourite director purely because he keeps challenging himself, and continues to experiment with storytelling. Inception is my favourite film of all time because I have never seen any story written like it is before, or since.

  14. This film to me didn’t seem like one that was just obscure enough to figure out. The way the film too structured and how some things don’t even seem to make sense about the main gimmick of the movie just leaves people randomly guessing instead of solving.

  15. Great Analysis,
    Do you consider western filmmaking and reception is generally different compared to eastern filmmaking and reception?
    For example, from my limited perspective, eastern audiences don't punish a work that lacks character development. They would look at the movie as a whole and the plot matters more than the characters. It might have something to do with the population density and "Communal development" is greater than the "Individual development/freedom" outlook of the eastern society, although I couldn't connect it explicitly.

    I'd love to see you make a video on Eastern vs Western reception of movies, provided it's in your interests.
    After all, Tenet fared significantly better outside the domestic market.

  16. I feel like if this movie had complicated characters, I would have just looked the movie without even trying to understand it. Inception had a complicated system, but Tenets system was so much more complex.

  17. I liked the film for the concepts it brought, didn’t really care about character development. It’s one of my favourite films.
    Usually the human part is the less interesting one to me.

  18. "I promise I have a good point at the end so keep watching"

    proceeds to babble on nearly endlessly about how it's okay a film is bad because you like the director and future films will be good because they learn from these mistakes, then disjoints any cohesion with a poor ad for curiosity stream, before finally providing a bunch of shit takes in the most pretentious manner

    I think you just hit every trope of a shit youtube essayist. What a waste of time

  19. Tenet is not about any character, like David or Neil. It is all about one concept temporal pincer . Nolan wants us to focus how temporal pincer works and how bunch of people uses it to protect world. what happen and how people will react if temporal pincer exists.