Trump administration speeds up federal executions this week

Trump administration speeds up federal executions this week

The Trump administration is winding down, but it’s ramping up an unprecedented number of federal executions this week. The government restarted federal executions last year for the first time in 17 years. Ten executions were carried out in 2019 and three more are scheduled before Trump leaves office this month. #LisaMontgomery

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  1. Ask yourself what he's really making sure happens guys. I noticed that these people's crimes aren't really specified in the next coming days and weeks you will see why he did that everything that he has done for the last four years will lead up to this point and become understood. there will be people who have done atrocities to children who are in our government on our TV screens and in our media things that you cannot fathom things you cannot scrub off of your brain and you cannot unsee. They have done things to children that you would not want your children to see in fact you would want to do a blessing or cleansing afterwards for your soul it is that bad you cannot imagine what it is because your brain does not work that way. If you ever have an opportunity to watch frazzled drip I beg you do not do it you will never ever unsee the atrocities committed in that home video. but if you do see it you will understand why there must be a death penalty for certain criminals. ask yourself what in the world would make grown men who have been in law enforcement for 30 years and more make them run out the room crying ask yourself really what kind of crime would cause them to leave the room and a hurry balling. Then you will know and the mothers who are grieving for their children who are being killed yes they are victims but they're not victimized by anyone but the sins of their children. this is just more of that guilt trip stuff guys don't let it stick to you we are good and loving and beautiful people this media is the devil they are doing nothing but trying to divide us you don't have to agree on everything with me but I'm not going to hate you I'm still going to love you and I'm going to try to understand I might make mistakes but I'll always be here. I have learned much in the last five years and I will not quit my fellow brother or sister so easily. And FYI I was a Democrat for 44 and 1/2 years no more I'm not with any party at this moment I am just for right and wrong and the only person that I haven't seen or heard of these atrocities being committed by is Donald trump. It's not a matter of if I like him or not I don't care if he womanized okay I was a young woman once I know what all that woman is about. that was then this is now he's the only thing between us and the people who committed these crimes and they are willing to sell their own children to continue doing so so don't think for a minute that they ever mean a word they say about anything good for us only good things are coming up ahead so no matter what you see in here please know it's going to be all right it's going to be all right. I love you all my brothers and sisters if I offended anyone I do apologize I am just learning myself I'm just fresh waking up myself thank you and please take care

  2. Federal prison reform act?
    He started a commission to investigate each and everyone of those cases and looking for remorse in those that were serial criminals and would be willing to do it again…kim kardashian also is part of another noard where they are looking in and investigating cSes of wrongful imprisonment where the people were falsely accused of crimes……30 years on death row would be more of a punishment and more expensive for tge fed and all government s

  3. lmao okay. whatever this news channel is, it's not correct. im assuring everyone right now, as a garbage citizen of the united states, there will be no execution of trump. however, im confident he will see prison time.

  4. It's actually worse for them to live. Imagine living in a prison until you die without having freedom. I would have taken the death penalty over suffering in jail.

  5. He suggested executions for MASS MURDERERS. I can't understand why people are demonstrating because those mass killers may even kill dear ones of those who support them.

  6. He doesn't actually care for his supporters. They are revenue for him. He raised 250 million dollars in donations just for investigating allegations of voter fraud. So long as he can keep Trump Nation supporters agitated and angry, he has a permanent cash cow.

  7. Trump lacks empathy. The number of civilians dead in Afghanistan under him tripled as compared to previous. So why would he pardon these ones who are not even innocent.

  8. He is criminal actually ots time to go back home and he is radicalised the people and making mess like he did in the whole world with his fellows.
    Absolutely he and his fellows are criminals…
    Jo Biden said right" domestic terrorist"
    Exactly the right word

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