COVID-19: Israel vaccine a success but why haven’t the Palestinians got the jab?

COVID-19: Israel vaccine a success but why haven’t the Palestinians got the jab?

Israel has led the world in vaccinating its population against COVID-19. But it’s a different story for Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza.


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  1. The reality is completely different . Maybe they don’t send vaccines in Palestinian Territories for now, but in every Arab city in Israel people refuse to do the vaccine because they are skeptical. So lots of Israelis people go to Arab towns to get vaccinated. Members of my family did it.
    And also, we are not condemning french people for not helping Belgium people right?? Why do Israel has to be perfect and helpful all the time?? They also have an economic crises and some of the Israelis are dying of corona virus.

  2. With all these competing vaccines emerging and seeking to outdo each other – including Pfizer, who've been fined $4 billion over two decades for repeated criminal, unethical conduct – is it possible that the historically good reputation of vaccines is being targeted and deliberately undermined? In the not so distant past, people would swarm to be injected with what they saw as theirs and their children's salvation. Now, vaccine approval ratings are down to 50/50. A low public take-up in the future would be the death knell for "good" vaccines and a boost to virulent diseases on a global scale. And with the WHO altering their definition of 'herd immunity' to make it solely reliant upon these questionable products, who would benefit from such a ploy? Why, suspected eugenicist Bill Gates, the largest private funder of the WHO.

  3. Aren't they different countries controlled by different governments. Not sure why this video even exists. It'd be like saying…the US has vaccines but why aren't they giving them to Mexico….
    Um what?

  4. Why would the Palestinians get the vaccine from Israel? It's like the US will just give away vaccines to Iran. Palestinians aren't citizens of Israel but Palestinians Israelis/Arab Israelis will get the vaccine because they are citizens of Israel

  5. Palestinians ought to think themselves lucky they don't get the vaccine, be happy. After having a look into them and the decades long fraud of disease and vaccines I can only consider anyone who doesn't get it to be exceptionally fortunate.

  6. Well, Palestinians wanted Independence, now that they are free, they should be responsible for the people and they should buy vaccines on their own, when it comes to independence, Palestine is all for it, but now they're asking Israel to supply them as if now they're under Israeli control.

  7. I believe that humanity must thank Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, for his guidance and guardianship of quarantine and not to move from place to place

  8. this is disgusting israel has been helping the palestinian territories since the start of the pandemic and much before and is getting spat in the face from them and the rest of the world. literally funding and powering the palestinians and getting attacked in returm

  9. Maybe if the Palestinians would have invested their money on treating this pandemic and on vaccines and not on sponsoring terror organizations the situation there could have been better

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