Impeachment: US Democrats introduce two motions against Trump

Impeachment: US Democrats introduce two motions against Trump

The US House of Representatives has introduced an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump – for his role in inciting his supporters who stormed the capitol building last week.
The violence, unsuccessfully aimed at stopping Congress from certifying incoming President Joe Biden’s electoral win, led to at least five deaths and 25 arrests related to “domestic terrorism”.
House Democrats said they plan to vote on impeaching Trump on Wednesday.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from Washington, DC, the US.

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  1. So the only real objective to impeach Trump is to prevent him from ever being able to have a second term? I believe the democratic system was meant for the PEOPLE to decide on such questions through elections?

  2. US' democratic system likes a joke. I totally support American has right to fight for the justice election and freedom, Joe has no rights to call the protestant as riot.

  3. US is not a communism country, why American has not right to fight for their rights and voice out their request. ccp's Face book and twitter have no right to terminate ppl's account. it is total unacceptance.

  4. Trump was very effective president but finally not careful enough. His
    achievements : no Islamic terrorism, no middle east conflict, no Russian
    threats, no Syrian war, no problems from Korea, no Taliban attacks etc.

  5. Ya, where is 'Intelligent' 'blessed' 'chosen people' intelligence when the stolen election and all the corrupt that need to be exposed. Trump was the only one who had the courage to declare Jerusalem as Capital, he is trying to bring peace treaty between Arab world and Israel, brought God back into the white house, he is trying to keep CCP China at bay. Is there nobody helping him. why does he appear fighting alone ?

  6. When people accept the fact that there is a global entity that this is more powerful than ALL governments on the planet, that has been in the aggressive pursuit of forcing the world into a one world government …….only then……. does the insanity make total sense. They have objectives to attain and agenda's. They want one world money, one world society, and a lower manageable population. They have proven they are ruthless, cunning and have no regard for planet Earth or the human beings on it, other than themselves. They have acquired astronomical global powers that the citizens on the planet are totally ignorant of. They need the "Trump obstacle" gone to continue. He is not in alliance with the agenda and will not implement the all important Executive Orders to complete the formation of one world government. Biden is in the alliance. If he attains office it will be the end game. They are in process of the total collapse of everything important to humanity. Collapse the worlds money, society, religion, health…….EVERYTHING. The more complete chaos…. the better to force the formation of one world dictatorship.

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