How China’s Flagship Belt and Road Project Stalled Out

How China’s Flagship Belt and Road Project Stalled Out

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the most important components of Beijing’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. But so far, just one-third of planned development has been completed.

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  1. I still remember when Western media said Chinese won't use highspeed railways because it's almost empty( for first month YES!)
    now China built 75% highspeed railways in 10 years and most are fully packed and China still expand to 90% of world highspeed in next 10 years..
    Western media also said Chinese new cities are totally ghost cities(actually it's not CITY it's just a community on China standard),
    but most ghost cities are fully packed crowded again 5 years later!
    I just don't know Western media is so shortsighted because your ruling party is only 4 years life, or you just want to bash China for fun?
    China will make Gwadar to replace Singapore, it will not only take 4 years like Shenzhen took 40 years from a fishing villege to a bigger HK..
    recently American media found out Horgos became big city from a sands in Xinjiang and Kazakstan.
    let's wait and see 5 years later.

  2. China's BRI brings Debt, while USA's BOMB's brings Death.
    I think I'd go with the latter; suffering is shorter.

    But seriously, Pakistan was indebted to IMF long before China entered (9:54 they had 13th bailout since the 80s) but you want to blame China.

  3. A complete waste of time, you're making a report about Pakistan without a single opinion from people in Pakistan, except a lousy voice of a journalist ( still questionable.) bloomberg are losing their minds

  4. CPEC is the future of Pakistan ❤️ propaganda's, misinformation doesn't make sense at all… It's a game changer in true sense… If it wasn't why west has been in concern to this mega project. We have been seeing many infrastructure developments and many more … Hope this will Bering more to us.. and US would.have been thinking why I rejected the offer, it would have even closer eye on Iran, but they missed it … It's China, it's the east where the next century belongs to

  5. CCP China started World war 3 by releasing the Dead army of Wuhan viruses before American election and Tokyo Olympic 。It's incredible how insatiable China's appetite for territory is. 。The city in question is Vladivostok — a Russian city that once upon a time belonged to the Qing dynasty. China’s rapid military development will soon outpace even Russia.

  6. I'm no fan of China. But this is a beautiful propaganda piece. Attempt to divide Pakistan into Belochistan? Who saw that coming lol, Port used as a military base? LOL. A new farfetched war I smell the thinktanks brewing.

  7. Gwada port is just one of many projects. CPEC has already 3 power plants in commercial operation, there are roads, expressways, rails, Metro, wind farms, solar farms and industrial zones. Possibly about 1/3 to 40% of the projects already finished and the rest is in progress.
    The US assessment of Gwada, just like on China, is never correct.
    Talking about debt the US has the world's biggest debt.

  8. "S.H.A.N.G.H.A.I.N.E.Z.E.N" n. Turning into Shanghai model. eg. 1.Pakistan chose to be Shanghainezied instead of democratized. 2. Tesla is selling Shanghainezinized cars mostly.

  9. This shows the difference of dominating countries by loans and diplomacy instead of generating wars to empoverish and indebt by force a nation. Both have similar results but china have been wiser approaching in a more pacific way as population dont see to them as the bad ones like the image that US had created of itself in that region.

  10. Belt & Silk road for the China MILITARY base(s). Dominate ALL. No competition. All China Land/Sea. Pay China to use/pass thru. Pakistan default on China Loans properties to China. World ruled under xiping.

  11. The Chinese could always just make new re-education camps in the area and use the local people's kidneys and livers for financial gain like they do the Eastern Muslims.

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