Cummins and Lyon strike for Aussies before storm arrives | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

Cummins and Lyon strike for Aussies before storm arrives | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

India reached 2-62 at the Gabba before the rain arrived, frustrating Australia’s hunt for wickets on day two.

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  1. I'm sorry Alison – you just don't know anything about about cricket. Not really. Sure, you can spot when the ball hits the rope ("four!", "shot!" etc). But seam, swing, cutters, spin, subtle hand actions etc? No sign whatsoever. Unfortunately, we have replaced ex-test players with girls who've never played cricket let alone at that sort of level. I get that the world has changed.

    Also, please keep the pitch down when it gets a bit exciting – it sounds like you're down at the races and my girlfriend says your voice stresses her out when you do that…..

  2. It's boring to watch the India and England Test matches because of too much of spinners,even in the seventies when the West Indies toured India they picked four fast bowlers and won games it is pathetic to see that India still rely heavily on the spinners when they have world-class fast bowlers, how come they prepare pitches for T20s and onedayers which happens to be real belters and over cricket is fast bowlers game and acrobatic fielding like goalkeepers that's what spectators want to see rather than batting for hours

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  4. Mujhe acha laga India ne australia ko australia ma mara well done absolutely amazing performance from all indians players specially pujara pant and rehane
    Indian team phele se bhot strong ho chuki hai love from pakistan…