Why Apple Started Making Its Own Chips

Why Apple Started Making Its Own Chips

Apple is well known for making big splashy announcements whenever it unveils a game-changing piece of new tech like the iPod, or iPad. Strangely, last year the Cupertino giant made an announcement every bit as revolutionary, but one which largely escaped notice by the general public.

The announcement, made at the firm’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference, confirmed Apple would start designing and manufacturing its own chips for Mac computers. To be clear, it’s not just tech geeks and tiresome Apple fanboys who need to be aware of what the announcement means, and what its implications are. So today we’re donning our black turtleneck and addressing a hushed auditorium to explain why Apple is making its own chips.

For several years now, Apple has been sourcing its CPUs from household-name chip giant Intel. This special relationship between Apple and Intel started back in 2006, after Apple’s previously favoured IBM-Motorola chips were written off as inadequate.

Why Apple Is Making Its Own Chips


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  1. Sounds and looks like Apple are now just making Macs like they do phone ands tablets so you get pretty much the same thing just in different form factors and different but always expensive price points.

  2. Every video is awesome. And i am the regular watcher… Big fan of your every content. Its really helpful as a engineering student.
    But i request to you… there have many friend, they are not Professional English speaking people as like as me. So if you keep little bit slow and more clear of your content it must be helpful.
    Thank you… Big fan.

  3. Great video but im unsure why you're not discussing the fact hat the new M1 macs are blowing all the geekbench scores, and windows software is running better through rosetta than on native systems. They're delivered

  4. Too bad that Apple spends so much time and money developing it's own chip that they let out a crappy O/S for the 2020 model iPhone 12. After 4 attempts at an solution, the OS 14.3 still has not solved the problem. It sends out a previous text message, not the current one that I'm trying to send. DO NOT BUY ANY IPHONE FROM THE 2020 INTRODUCTION YEAR. Wait until the 2021 models come out about October.

  5. "older software won't work" is a completely false statement and should be retracted or altered to reflect the current situation regarding running x86 software on M1 chip devices.

  6. All bullshit, it's just about the money: do it in-house and don't give away the margin to intel or whoever else. + Trade part of saved money for some more silicon area for increased performance. Viola, there you go.

  7. I got an M1 MacBook Pro the day after release and it’s been superb so far, very very pleased with it, definitely the best computer I’ve ever owned.

  8. The old Apple Power PC chips were RISC. When they moved to Intel which were CISC, we had to go through the software transition and use Rosetta for apps that were not ready. This time, there have already been speed tests (shown here on YouTube) that demonstrate video rendering being faster even with Rosetta on M1 chips. RISC is what made iPhones possible and now such amazing devices.

  9. Anyone that has paid attention to the industry already knew why. Intel has been spinning its wheels and holding back innovation in the tech industry for quite some time. Microsoft has been tinkering with the same idea but hasn’t gotten it all worked out yet although I’m sure they will. Hopefully Intel will pull out of their funk and catch up. I’d hate to see them go out of business. I don’t think that would be good for anyone in the long run.

  10. The success of ARM architecture on the phone world, makes Apple thinking seriousely to integer that on computers, maybe the mastery control for the full nano integration process "all in one chip" is the first factor to make this posssible now at our present days, and re-make a perfect adaptable Operating System software as additional key by Apple.

  11. Apple will not make a single product! They don‘t want to! They just change and optimize ARM processors cores and design their SoC. The assembling of their products is outsourced! So Apple won‘t make its products! The best usage of an 13“ Ipad: Holding it outside your car windows while driving through the desert and taking some photos! Now, Apple needs to buy an innovative company with breakthrough accumulator technology for quadruple the runtime.

  12. Intel's chips have Ben RISC for close to a decade… Yes, they support an extended instruction set but inside it's RISC…
    And no, 5 nm is not similar in size to 10 large atoms… Grrr.