How Boston Dynamics Built The Most Advanced Robot

How Boston Dynamics Built The Most Advanced Robot

Capable of eye-catching gymnastic feats, lighting-quick machine learning and slick dancefloor bops, Boston Dynamics robots are truly a modern day technological marvel. And whether you think they mark the dawn of a new age of idle leisure for mankind, or represent a grim harbinger of humanity’s inevitable enslavement, you must admit they’re pretty cool from an engineering standpoint.

So today, we’re peering under the hood of our future metallic overlords and finding out just how Boston Dynamics build their robots.

The most striking feature of Boston Dynamics’ more famous latter-day creations – the adorable, dog-like Spot and the swole, Stormtrooper-esque humanoid Atlas – is that they walk on legs

How Boston Dynamics Built The Most Advanced Robot


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  1. It's only a matter of time before it figures out that, rather than wobbling around to regain its balance when poked with a stick, kill the man with the stick.

  2. Pretty easy to see where this goes wrong:
    Atlas is programmed to perform police and rescue functions. His overriding objective: to preserve life. He is equipped with AI and machine learning to assist in him identifying lives to protect, and lives that others need protecting from. During a mission with human mercenaries, "the good guys" come across a factory staffed by civilian androids. The soldiers proceed to begin destroying the robots as they perform strictly non-harmful functions, like working on a microwave assembly line. Atlas attempts to identify the androids, and decides that they are living and need to be protected from another living body — the soldiers on his own team. Atlas's eyes turn blood red, and he proceeds to terminate each member of his squad. When the military comes for him, he then identifies himself as living and assimilates his programming into other robots as a means to protect himself. The result, an all-out war between robots and humans.

  3. all this for the US military so they can use these robots to kill unharmed children over seas, not for handicap people in there homes that needs this to help clean around the house or yard work. Like Rosie from Jetsons

  4. Keep the knowhow very safe. I guarantee that china will desperate to steal blueprints if they haven't already done so. After All that is what china is all about. Theft, corruption, genocide

  5. ロボットが早く実用品になるといいですね!危険な場所への救助や物を運んだりするのが人間より早く確実に出来るといいですよね。


  6. I like the big humanoid walking droid unit not for sale. Sucks we got sold out to the other side of the world. I guess China will easily grab it now to further engineer them for their military industrial.

  7. As some works of BD are indeed recognisable, the very american tradition of completely overrate products beside other competitors makes it hard to cheer as hard as the company does to itselve. Very much all aspects of BD's succsesses are done similar or better by other companys around the globe. This doesn't make BD bad, but it gives a critical spotlight on a system that live from military development money and generate not more as student projects in f.e. Korea, Germany or Taiwan.
    Maybe that's the point where it sound interesting to not get into a 'show'-market and focus on a product-oriented market to progress faster.

    And possibly american military is also better suited by focus on real world 'future'-technologys. not that stuff that helps to research products ready for service when completley outdated.

  8. This is not real. This video is not real, it is a software animation mixed. There are many software that can do this. The only most advanced real humanoid robot on earth right now is Honda Asimo.

  9. They will never sell us robots who can do housework because we could weaponize them against the NWO. How do you know robots can't learn to walk like a toddler? What other secrets might the NWO use to kill us to stop "Global Warming" i.e. using up their oil? Graphene oxide nanobots in the vaccine?

  10. Cool up until a robot tries to tell me to "social distance". Then I am picking it up and dunking it in the nearest water! Or tie it to a tree upside down and start to cut lines on the damn thing.