Sabiha Gökçen : World’s First Female Fighter Pilot

Sabiha Gökçen : World’s First Female Fighter Pilot 1
Sabiha Gökçen : World’s First Female Fighter Pilot 3

Sabiha Gökçen was the first Turkish female aviator and the first female combat pilots in the world she was one of the eight adaptive children of Mustafa KemalAtatürk in 1925 during attitudes visit the balsa Sabiha who was only 12 years9old ask permission to talk with Ataturkand expressed her wish to study in boarding school after learning her story and miserable living conditions Ataturkdecided to adopt her just After the introduction of the Surname Law, Atatürk gave her the family name Gökçen on 19 December 1934. 'Gök' means sky in Turkish and Gökçen means 'belonging or relating to the sky'. However, she was not an aviator at that time, and it was only six months later that Sabihadeveloped a passion for flying.

Ataturk attached great importance to aviation and for that purpose always saw the foundation of the Turkish aeronauticalAssociation in 1925.

it's of Sabiha along with m2 opening ceremony of TürkkuşuFlight school during the airshow of gliders and perished it's invited from foreign countries she got very excited she was much more interested in flying an airplane so she learned flying and received her pilot license. Gok-Chen was sent to Russia together with seven male students for advanced training in planar gliding and fixed-wing aircraft piloting at the beginning of 1936.

Sabiha Gökçen : World’s First Female Fighter Pilot 4

Atatürk urged her to attend the AirForce Academy to become the first female military pilots of Turkey she improved her skills by flying bomber and fighter planes at the first aircraft regiments in Eskişehirair base and got experience after participating in the face exercises in 1937 in that same year she took part in the military operation against the Dorsim right and became the world's first female Airforce combat pilots in 1938 she carried out a five-day flight around the Balkan countries to great acclaim later she was appointed chief trainer of the two crucial flight school of Turkish Aeronautical Association where she served until 1955 and became a member of associations Executive Board. Sabiha Gökçen flew around the world for a period of 28 years until 1964 throughout her career in the Turkish Air Force. Gökçen flew 22 different types of aircraft for more than 8,000 hours 32 hours of which were active combat and bombardment missions she was selected as the only female pilots for the poster of 20 greatest aviators in history prepared by the USAF in 1996 after giving some information about Sabiha Gökçen. 

“Sabiha was the daughter of a great leader and the symbol of modern Turkish women,” says Gülsah Çeliker, a Turkish nationalist and producer of the documentary The Legendary Girl of the Skies: Sabiha Gökçen. “She was my role model.”

We want to introduce to you Turkey's other first woman aviators the first woman pilot in Turkey Bedriye Tahir Gökmen. She graduated from civil aviation school in 1934 the first woman parachutist was Ludus in September 1935.  She'd done her first bound from one of the Russians are five the first Turkish woman acrobatic pilot was a debateYıldız Uçmanour first flight attendants a delay to rule the first Turkish woman F-16 pilot is banished and she is the first woman F-16 pilots in TurkishAir Force's first woman military pilots are saying I do now and lemon al to check it in NATO's air forces I'llinclude Sahavet Karapasis the first woman civil flight pilots she is still flighted Turkey's first woman technician is I tend to look who started working as a technician in 1970. She worked in aircraft electronic revision workshops and craft maintenance electronic departments in Turkish Airlines for 26 years Turkeys' first woman air traffic controller is  Nezihe Viranyali. Turkish pioneers, we take inspiration from them and like our founder of the Turkish Republic. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk set the future is in the skies.

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