Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sued for crimes against humanity | World News | WION News

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sued for crimes against humanity | World News | WION News

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been sued by countries indigenous leaders for crimes against humanity. Two top Brazilian indigenous leaders have asked the international criminal court to investigate President Bolsonaro for ‘crime against humanity’.

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  1. Just because other leaders had committed or are committing crimes against humanity it doesn't mean that he isn't, because denying a pandemic, be against vaccines, don't care about people who are dying at the hospital without oxygen, in my point of view is a crime.

  2. Bolsonaro Vai ser eleito novamente ! mentiras contra o brasil e a floresta Amazonia são apenas meios de potencias estrangeiras contra nosso Pais .

    Se querem saber sobre o Brasil então perguntem ao seu Povo .

    Brasil o unico pais no mundo onde você pode encontrar Tribos de indios intocadas pelo ser Humano , Mostrem isso em algum lugar no mundo e podemos conversar.

    Jogada politica para acabar com o tratado do mercosul com a União Europeia .

    O povo brasileiro sabe e bolsonaro tem 77% de aceitação pelo Povo.

  3. HELP! THE WORLD HAS TO KNOW !!! I'm brazilian!


    What THREATENS our SOVEREIGNTY is the COMMUNISM that is infiltrated here in Brazil through corrupt politicians and the STF (Supreme Federal Court) keeps them unpunished for their crimes. After the pandemic, communism is like cancer. THE CHINESE COMMUNIST REGIME PARTY maintains the COMPLETE TELEVISION MEDIA not only in Brazil, but throughout the world.

    THE STASTISTIC DATA that pass on television about COVID'S DEATHS are LIARS. IT IS THE LARGEST SCANDAL IN DEATH DEATH FRAUDS IN PUBLIC HEALTH. In order to deceive populations ALL OVER THE WORLD. The statistical graphs are nothing more than a farce, because in Brazil people who die of cancer, of a car accident, of a heart attack have their fraudulent certificates of cause of death by covid. On the websites of the Brazilian government, the number of deaths between the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 did not increase significantly. This is proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER system aims to deceive everyone around the world. The STF covers up the communist governors to act in the way they want to exhaust the coffers of the federal government because of the pandemic. Since our president has made billions available to states and communist governors are openly stealing through contracts without bidding and without supervision, as the STF has given autonomy for state governors to make the people bitter with successive lockdowns, causing the impoverishment of the middle class.

    PANDEMIC DATA IS FRAUDED to lose our freedom! All the reports you watch against the president are liars. The president has brought logistical progress and through public policies. The president is our hero because he protects Brazilian families from the evil that communism was creating. If it were not for our president Bolsonaro, today Brazil would be a Venezuela, and Emanuel Macron had already invaded our borders through Amapá, a long time ago our riches, gold, diamonds, wood, were being smuggled towards France, among other countries . Macron's speech fell apart, he does not defend the Amazon as it is in the media. So, the media are the bridge of false news in favor of communism. We need to unite in PRAYERS, so that the evil they intend to do to us has no effect. Turn off the television, go to the internet on You tube and watch what conservative youtubers have to say about what is actually happening in Brazil. If they really cared about our health and well-being, they wouldn't use the virus as an excuse to starve us.

  4. well, I'm Brazilian too. And people are dropping desde like flies. And the population hates Bolsonaro. So the only question that remain for you, Alexa Luritae, is this: are you a bot, a blind dump follower what in Brazil we call bolsonarista or are you just high???

  5. Yeah yeah he is not the one investigated for hiding oxygen tanks in false walls… isn’t that right Mr Dória? If the left and the Europe freaks dislike Bolsonaro, that’s how I know he is doing the right thing. Y’all just want our forests, corrupt bastards.

  6. If you really ask me, all or most of the world's leaders need to be voted out of office or impeached for mishandling covid, starting with Jair Bolsonaro.