How Big Is Google?

How Big Is Google?

No other tech firm in history has managed to infiltrate and influence daily life to the same insane extent as search giant Google. The Californian company’s impact on how we work, play, and settle drunken arguments is so well documented it more or less goes without saying.

What’s perhaps less well understood is just how vast the company has grown, since deciding it wasn’t satisfied simply being everybody’s omniscient online know-it-all.

So today we’re on the search for just what this modern-day behemoth actually does and asking the question – how big is Google?


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  1. What happens to you if you disagree with Google in 2030? You will freeze and starve to death in your own home and you can't change the thermostat settings or unlock your door. Your fridge is locked too. Your phone and internet won't work either.

  2. We really don’t need to care about how our data is used and what data is collected if it won’t all be available to the public due to data leaks or stuff like that.

  3. I bought two brand new Apple Mac Minis and the ONLY problem they are having is with Google Chrome. Chrome will go the way of Firefox because it is absolutely horrific. It has been steadily getting worse and worse for years.

  4. Lets be honest, 70 mil voted for Trump. What valuable data could they possibly have ? How much jerky and beer can you possibly sell to these people ?

  5. Me: asks Google "Does Google respect my privacy?"
    Google: serves me a "privacy" statement from Sundar Pichai.
    Me: asks DuckDuckGo "Does Google respect my privacy?"
    DuckDuckGo: Find your own dang answer! Why the heck do you think you are here? To have privacy or to find information that is remotely useful and not completely useless?
    Me: Agrees, shuts up, and goes back to Google.

  6. ตังไม่เคยถึงมือเลยตังมาเท่าไรตามกับมาให้หมดตรงไม่เข้าใจเอาระเบิดนิวเครืยวไปลงไม่ต้องมีคำพุดไดไดทั้งสิ่น

  7. What does it matter how big these company's get. Too late to change anything now. So let's go further and see how far the future goes. What have you got to hide. No hiding let it out and be free. We need to go forward and see the future.

  8. Google is always watching.

    That's beyond being a bad thing btw.BTW.

    Oh and Google has access to your house if the lock on it is electronic.
    One day, control is gonna take over and they will lock you out for not complying with them.

  9. they are bound and protected by first amendment right …but they are using it for evil and only showing content that leans left which will ultimately destroy freedom of speech since they are the largest and most powerful media outlet