Hidden advantage of America-Class Ships #shorts

Hidden advantage of America-Class Ships #shorts

Believe it or not but America class amphibious assault ships have a hidden advantage to them and we are willing to be it is not what you think. #shorts

Footage courtesy of U.S. Navy used under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Thank you for that!

Note “”The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.”


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  1. Forget curing cancer, aids, or covid, let's focus on how we can spend energy and resources on weapons of war while education falls, roads crumble, and water gets more unsafe to consume w/o filtering it 1st. Reparations will bankrupt the country but 20 yrs and trillions of dollars vs a low tech enemy is ok to waste money on even if in the end there's nothing to show for it. There would be no need to spend money on the imaginary threat China poses if American companies leave the country. As a naval veteran, I know the power of a carrier battle group and how difficult it is to defeat one, but as a civilian, I see funds that are sorely needed at home. Everyone loving this new light carrier concept but how many have served or is either willing to serve or send a child 5000 miles to die for Taiwan? That's what it's all for. If China is the enemy, why are American companies supplying them with technology and financial resources and why are US consumers buying their goods? We don't need more weapons of war when we can destroy them by not financing them. The US is a 3rd world shithole bc the poorly educated don't realize how dumb they truly are. Who's willing to die for Taiwan's democracy while ours is being eroded away? Btw, those light carriers will need support ships for defense and supplies. More money and more burden on the taxpayers while US companies in China avoid taxes. Can I get those reparations?

  2. These ships are built for latorial operations. Areas that true aircraft carriers cannot go. The aviation component is only part of its capabilities. It can launch amphibious vehicles and landing craft from its stern well. The back of the ship sinks partially and becomes a floating dock.

  3. The hidden advantage is that you can make a moving island chain that let's you daisy chain UCAVS and F-35's across the Pacific as fast as they can fly.

    Not to mention you get to keep the big carriers out at sea where they're almost impossible to find.

    Meanwhile each of those carriers can act as a "super carrier light", with it's own Aegis networked support craft, it's own AWACS drones, and self defense suite.

    It's pretty cool to see a the U.S. go up the tech ladder in real time, lol.

  4. Its a quick strike package that can deliver a response anywhere in a short amount if time. As countries such as China, India are fielding large carriers from Russia versions which are large and slow, these multi-role carriers can strike and and exit fast. The generation of large platforms are done.

  5. This shows we've come full-circle; back in WWII we had the "Jeep" Escort Carriers. They often supported landings and larger fleet units. They were best known for their contribution as a part of Taffy 3 in the Solomons. Such carriers were made obsolete with the introduction of jet aircraft, which couldn't take off from them.

    But now with VTOL? It seems they are now making a comeback. If anything, they could end up replacing supercarriers as they are far cheaper to operate.

  6. It's like the small aircraft carriers of world war II, I think what they used to call like Jeep carriers, they would carry the planes and when the main aircraft carriers were running short they would supply aircraft to the big boys.