Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US.

Sonia Sotomayor became a U.S. District Court Judge in 1992 and was elevated to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals in 1998.

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US. 1

Sonia Sotomayor a judge grows up in the Bronx.

Sonia her blossoming began with her mother’s love and hard work,  oh how Sonia’s mother loved her. she worked night and day, day and night as a switchboard operator just so she could pay for Sonja’s and her brother’s private schools. she had never made it past the third grade when she was a girl. she sure wanted her children too. They lived in a public housing project in apart of New York called the South Bronx, a place where most people had precious little money and Sonia’s family was no different with only their mother to support them you see Sonia’s father had died when she was 9years old, leaving just an empty chair and much sadness but you can’t give in to sadness when your children need to eat, this is why Sonia’s mother worked and worked and then came home and cooked pork chops so Sonja this was heaven oh how she loved her mother when Sonia’s mother wasn’t cooking or working she was studying she wanted to become a nurse so she could make better wages and help her children even more while Sonia slept sometimes her mother stayed up until midnight doing her homework there was nothing she would not do to help Sonia or her brother.

 Sonia loved the world her mother gave her mother and father were from Puerto Rico and Sonia grew up surrounded by the taste and sound of what African culture a favourite meal was Spanish rice and she loved the big family parties were made Anga music filled the air a diva. On Saturday nightsSonia’s family and friends would get together while the grown-ups sat in one room playing dominoes, Sonia and her cousins played lot idea a Latin Americanbingogame Sonia’s a Lolita which shoutout the numbers while the grandkids marked their cards with chickpeas. Sonia’s family surrounded her like a warm blanket and she was also surrounded by books, schoolbooks, library books, a set of encyclopaedias her mother had saved all her pennies and nickels and dimes to buy and when the schoolwork was done there were her favourite books the Nancy Drew mystery novels. Nancy Drew was a girl detective who was always on the go, solving crimes she was unstoppable that’s who Sonia wanted to be but then something happened that made her change her mind when she was only eight her doctor set her down and told her some bad news. she had a disease called diabetes if you have diabetes you have to take several shots of Medicine a day for the rest of your life so maybe she wouldn’t be Nancy Drew but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be unstoppable her favourite TV show was Perry Mason about a courtroom lawyer.

One episode ended with the image of the Judge, the most powerful person in the courtroom a light bulb went on above Sofia’s head and she knew she would become a judge the judge though that’s not easy Sonia knew she’d have to get really good grades to become a judge so while other kids may have been goofing off Sonia was studying at her mother’s kitchen table year after year after year after year it paid off by the time she graduated high school she had won an award for being the very best student in her whole school what an honour you can’t imagine how proud her mother was this was her daughter for Sonia Ivan Nietowhat an honour, Sonia Sotomayor’s grades were so good that she was accepted at one of the very best colleges in America Princeton University this too was an honour Princeton well Princeton was not the Bronx where were the subways where was the meting of music where were the people who looked like her. For the first time in her life, Sonia felt scared and shy and very out of place almost like she was on a different planet during the first week she heard a cricket in her dorm room and it scared her what was this strange insect as it turns out it wasn’t in her room but on a tree outside her window growing up in the project Sonia never heard a tree outside her window and growing up in the projects. Sonia never had the sorts of luxuries her classmates took for granted most of the principal kids had grown up taking tennis lessons and vacationing in Europe. They went skiing over Christmas break many of their parents and grandparents had gone to Princeton too suddenly Sonia was aware of being poor of being Latina of feeling inferior where was the warm comfy blanket of her family, oh how she missed them in similar shoes some people may have gone back home but Sonia was like a flowering vine that would not stop growing she would not just survive the strange new world. Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US. 3

Sonia Sotomayor would thrive would spend her first summer break reading all the books she’d never had time to read before to make herself even smarter she would become the head of a club for the handful of Latino students at Princeton she would push herself to her limits studying day and night, night and day at the library and graduate with the highest honours of any student in her class success comes to those who make the most of the chances they are offered in life. Sonia did become a judge and a good judge – she was known for working very hard and always being very prepared for every trial she was also known for having no patience for lawyers who weren’t prepared you better not mess with judge Sonia yet she was known for much more than this unlike many judges she had grown up in poverty, Rican a child of public and parents she had seen things most other judges had not people she’d grown up with had gone to jail people she’d grown up with were poor and many of them weren’t as lucky as she had been they had trouble learning to speak English trouble finding jobs unlike many judges she knew first hand what prejudice was what it was to be judged for your background in the world of judges this made Sonia very special but Sonia the very special judge did not stop there no, no, no, no, no you see Sonia was offered the chance of a lifetime.

Sonia Sotomayor was invited to the White House by none other than President Barack Obama because President Obama had decided to nominate Sonia to the best job a judge could possibly have to be a Supreme Court justice is a fancy word for a judge the Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation SupremeCourt decisions help shape the law of the land this was huge there had never been a Latin American on the Supreme Court how strange this was there are so many people of Mexican what doe Rican Dominican and Cuban descent adding colour, to the great garden that is America, why shouldn’t all these people have someone who understands their lives on the Supreme Court she was one of the most respected judges in the country.  Sonia Sotomayor was the perfect choice this was an honour beyond anything Sonia Sotomayor in our beautiful flowering had ever imagined but at the announcement ceremony.

Sonia Sotomayor spoke about her mother rather than herself I have often said that I am all-am because of her and I am only half the woman she is then speaking straight to her mother in the audience she said I thank you for all that you have given me and continue to give me her mother cried and cried this was her daughter it wasn’t over though there were some bumps on the path to the Supreme Court a broken ankle which didn’t slow her down one bit and angry people calling Sonianames like racist just because she was proud to be a Latina judged and not ashamed to say it and days and days of tough questions from a panel of 19senators a row of white faces most of them male but this didn’t stop her nothing could stop Sonya the dynamo from the Bronx from making history as the nation’s first Latin AmericanSupreme Court justice even Neto you never know what can happen especially when you water a flower.

Sonia Sotomayor



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