10 Things You Didn't Know About The Rothschild Family

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Rothschild Family

Here are the top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about the richest family in the world, the Rothschilds.

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Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Rothschild Family


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  1. First of all THEY were not the "Rothschilds" they changed their name from Bauer to Rothschild so once I hear anyone talking about the roots of this family and they start off bullshitting everyone by not even starting off on the right foot I have to assume that there is some kind of manipulation going on.

  2. Question. If before WW2 and the holocaust the Rothschilds were the head of European banking, how and who financed Hitler? If the Rothschilds were afraid of the holocaust how was Hitler able to pull it off? Why also in 1949 was the World bank established and Israeli land purchased by the Rothschilds? Same year. The only information you had on your video about the Rothschilds in the last 100 years was buying treasury bonds with jp morgan, which treasury bonds are what finance the federal reserve. So. They do own it. And Jacob and a party in 1972. Absolutely zero information on what happened between 1929-1949. The only invisible people in this world are the supremely wealthy and the supremely poor

  3. The narrator went out of his way to debunk the conspiracy theories. this may be convincing to people who don’t understand geo politics and the global economy. You. Cannot fool those who are aware though

  4. All their wealth is hidden, you could not even estimate their true worth, even the house Jacob Rothschild lives in; Waddeston Manor does not on paper belong to him but of course it does. I used to work for him, they can get away with anything even treason & they are inbred with mental illness in the family.

  5. This is the most biased videos I have ever seen. The Rothschilds are made to sound like royalty when they are nothing but inbred satanic devil worshipers. How much did they pay this person to do this video? Smh

  6. He say's "The Federal Reserve – in which the Rothschild's have NO connection to – and is a Conspiracy Theory" wow — I guess I need to listen to this man because he is RE-programming me — I Obey – I Obey – I Obey – I O b e y you Master!!!!!

  7. #11. They are SATAN Worshippers.

    #12. They created wars and conflicts.

    #13. They are the result of the loss of countless lives.

    #14. They own almost all the World Banks.

    #15. They are not humans. They do not know what humanity is.

    #16. They print the currency for the United states.

    #17. They're are only a few banks not under the Rothschild rule.

    #18. They are the silent killers you dont know when or where they can make their next move.

    #20. They have a special place in the dealing of ILLUMINATI

    #21. They marry within their own family. As they blood is so called ELITE of all.


  8. No one is going to believe anything the British English say about history. You noob, indeed. When are you Brits going to shut up and stop talking? Sheesh! No one has explained to the English about the British English imperial past? The British brutally plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit? Isn't it interesting how the English always have people decrying the Nazis and the Communists and Islam but then praising the English on the BBC? You'd be forgiven for thinking the British Empire didn't invade and plundered and kill 10 times that of the Nazis and Communists and Islam almost ended the world in a nuclear war with Truman and Churchill starting the cold war, etc. I sincerely hope the fallout of Brexit will be bloody and tear the UK apart. …Goodness knows the Nazi English Queen and English fascist bastards deserve it?
    I sincerely hope the fallout of Brexit will be bloody and tear the UK apart. …
    Goodness knows the Nazi English Queen and English fascist bastards deserve it?

  9. There was definitely a YouTube video of a certified Rothschild man saying something to the effect of "Billions? Trillions!" And it's likely that they do indeed own everything but the Chinese and the Russian. If corporate firms can hold hundreds of billions in potential wealth. The Rothschilds inventing the system of central banking (the can bail out whole nations) hold in their own personal coffers 500 Trillion + not forgetting to mention all the money that is still out on loan. If you look at the Rothschild Foundation – their symbol is a bundle of bound arrows. They are Fascists. They are the Roman Empire. It's heir. They are modern day Freemasonry at it's core. And we know how often we see one eye symbolism in entertainment industry. The world is divided into three sects. The Hamite Fascist (Egypt up through Spain into the Rhine) The Japhethite Socialist (Slavik, Arabic and Asiatics and the Irish race traitor on the whole) and the Shemite Monotheistic. Modern day Israel is not ancient Israel. Mainly it is occupied by Ashkenazi Jews a small portion devoted to the Rothschild Fascist and a greater portion devoted to Putin – the Gog of Gomer – or LaVeyan Satanism = secular Communist humanism. But the Fascist is a theistic emperor worshiper. Nimrod as the Phallus. Sieg Heil!

  10. what this family don't care about that no tree reached to the sky one day they will be under control as now they are controling the world lands and mony but not from another family from god and what he want will happen if not now but surely one day .