How Tesla Builds Batteries So Fast

How Tesla Builds Batteries So Fast

Tesla’s gigantic Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada has been able to churn out battery packs for the company’s groundbreaking line of electric vehicles at the rate of around 5,000 a week for some considerable time now. In terms of sheer volume, that puts Elon Musk’s operation in a stronger position than all other rival electric car companies put together. This is an important factor in the company’s soaring share price, and by extension Musks world-beating bank balance.

So how on earth are they accomplishing it – and how much quicker can Elon Musk’s groundbreaking firm potentially go? Today, we’re donning our hard-hats for a look behind the scenes at exactly how Tesla builds batteries so fast.

Elon Musk has made no secret of the fact that one of the main stumbling blocks he faces on his way to weaning humanity off the internal combustion engine is the quality and capacity of the batteries his cars use. Making a car run on electricity is easy enough, apparently. But storing enough precious juice on-board to make owning an electric car a comparable or even superior proposition than regular gas guzzlers has thus far proven elusive.

How Tesla Build Batteries So Fast

At the 10 second mark, the footage is from Marques Brownlee, it doesn’t show because of an editing mistake. Here is the full video!


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  1. that Battery is made in china, faking it as if it is made in USA, Made-in-china sucks anyway, Panasonic makes it from China, The better burns Tesla car and killed people

  2. That is exactly their disadvantage. They build with a lot of very small cells. Since each one has to be wired several times, once for balancing and once for use, the risk of error increases with each cell. Above all, it is bad that they use round cells, because the electrode is heated when connecting them. Risk of failure. Above all, the industry standard beyond Tesla is to put only twelve, sometimes 18 cells in a module. Thus, all monitoring components located in the module and centrally are also industry standard and correspondingly reliable and inexpensive. Above all, it is a question of effort: No matter how automated it is – for a Model S battery, 8256 cells have to be processed in many steps. That costs. For a Mercedes EQS battery, it's 12 modules of 18 cells, or only 216 cells.

  3. So this is really “How Tesla gets Panasonic to make batteries for it”.

    The shortage of battery production will be a constraint of transport electrification but there are a lot of factories coming on line.

    Tesla’s period as the main show in town will be over soon. It will be the Apple of car making. A distinctive product but not the majority of the market. It earned $518 million in sales of regulatory credits in Q1 which is the reason for its profit. That will go to zero as other OEMs start selling electric cars.

    Musk’s statement that he sees the factory as a product is just a reassertion of the “American system” that has changed the world for the last 120 years. There is nothing new there.

  4. Why these small 21700? Are not prismatic cells much better and tighter packed? Or is the single cell deactivating netter with 21700 and the cooling of 21700 better, because of unused spaces, good for cooling fluids?

  5. The biggest of all issues with battery operated cars is the recharge time. If you can't more or less match the time it takes to refill an empty gas tank to full, for a fully discharged battery, then you completely lose the entire market of people who have to be on the move and can't wait six hours to top off the vehicle to full range.

  6. Before Elon Musk the big car companies would take the governments free money to make "prototype" and " futuristic" alternative energy ugly looking cars! Those car makers got so use to doing that they fell light years behind Tesla.

    Elon is so awesome by wanting to change the system and gambling all of his PayPal money on Tesla. I hope he becomes a zillionaire by finding a free cheap way to make a car run off of a battery that runs for 10,000 miles before recharging!

  7. I won various sporting bets but they money was collected by my siblings who is holding to it for a long while now waiting for a way to secure to me a very bad hard time since I was under there roof to earn the money which made my mother plans to give it over to her favorite son other than me while am still suffering from a heart failure which would lead to a kidney failure and death to me if not properly treated.I have getting the symptoms for a very long time before now and I don't think I can be more around any soon.I was given a superman punch from my father who had a metal implant on the hands and arms after the Nigerian civil war when we had an argument that resulted to a very large noice with impact that my brain couldn't have yet got enough calories to process the information that came to it.I still have my jaws shifted and low circulation of blood to the brain and facial muscles.He is a real life John corner but enhanced with more alloys of various known metals in the periodic table.

  8. I admire what Elon Musk has acheived but from what Ive read & heard so far I definately would not want to work for him as he sounds like the type of person who would expect you to spend literally every waking hour working – Ive also heard him talk about "punishing" his employees for "not trying" which doesnt exactly sound like it would be a pleasant work environment

  9. San Francisco Tesla-Chef Elon Musk sorgt auf Twitter mal wieder für Unruhe: Er denkt laut darüber nach, seine Führungspositionen aufzugeben – aber vermutlich nur im Scherz. „Denke darüber nach, meine Jobs hinzuwerfen und ein Vollzeit-Influencer zu werden – was meint ihr“, schrieb Musk am Donnerstag (Ortszeit).

  10. Elon never said he wants to dump Panasonic, in fact he wants them to make Tesla more battery's, he also wants to build there own as a way of bringing down the costs, but cannot see them not using Panasonic for the seeable future.

  11. Interesting how this video doesn't actually explain in any way how they make batteries so fast. It basically just says "Panasonic does it for them". Click bait.

  12. The reason they are so ugly & not something people would get attached to, is b/c a battery replacement costs over 22K & means you’ll have to buy a new car instead of fixing it. Insurance having to pay for total losses instead of repairs, that will cost a lot more also.

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