MS Estonia – BLAME, MISINFORMATION, and from Viking Sally to Sinking

MS Estonia - BLAME, MISINFORMATION, and from Viking Sally to Sinking

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This is the FIRST video of my MS Estonia project. Please do leave a comment with your view. For any questions about this project, about my work, email – thank you, Graham


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  1. печальная история! после этой трагедии,обязали иметь на борту спасательные шлюпки и плоты,достаточные для более,чем экипажа и пассажиров!

  2. Seems weld failure and metal snapping the problem. Possible lack of welding inspection. Poor welds? Lack of fusion ,slag ,cracks? Substandard metal. Welders should be tested . Welds inspected , ultra sound ,or x-rayed. Metal should have a heat number. So the metal that failed could be traced to source. Important to have qualified trades men . Quality control during construction. Goes for nuclear power stations ,pipe lines ,Ships. Correct standard of metal and pipe should be used for the stress and pressure. I have seen the wrong standard of pipe used on high pressure test explode .Correct welding rods .Chinese pipe is crap .

  3. You miss The most important factor Estonia was doing 15 knöts when everybody elsewas doing 12 knots . . This. means that The force on Estonia was 44 percent higher than on the other ferries. Tnis in turn was a result of a owner who prioritated profit before Security and a captain with no experience of large ferries.

  4. Гриша, привет!!! Делай репортажи и ролики с русскими субтитрами, а лучше, на русском языке) Тебя любят и уважают за правдивые видео о событиях на Донбассе! Честных и искренних людей, в России больше уважают, чем в западном мире.Делай на русском,честно и искренне и больше просмотров будет! Удачи)

  5. Estonia had a HUGE Hole on starboard side below The letter E. The RAMP WAS CLOSED AND STILL ARE. A Swedish journalist was brought to court since they claim its a NO zone graveyard. He sent down a Rover and took pictures of The Hole. Swedish Coastguard and military are criminals. .
    Military transport from Russia on board. These ship cannot sink so fast. 45 min. Jan Hewelius laid upside down for a week one MONTH prior this event. A major COVERUP BY THE SWEDISH GOVERNMENTS. Estonian Government wanted to do a New exploration. The swedish PM went to Åbo and told them NO!

  6. So great that we have honest journalists like you still in this world. So disappointed in my Swedish government for what it did and what it is not doing today. I have 0 personal connection to the accident, but I feel that those who do deserve to be taken seriously and with respect.

  7. I really wonder how people who werent there could determine exactly what happened as if it is fact. Its complete speculation. I reckon they just guessed it was another Herald of Free Enterprise scenario. This is speculation too.

  8. This video does not describe the sinking scenario correct, the Estonia remained laying in between 60 and 90 degrees
    for up til 30 minutes and sank immediately when she turned to 180 degrees list.
    This could not have happened without leakage of water in too the decks below the car deck.
    If the lower decks under the car deck have not been punctured the ship would have turned 180 degrees immediately
    and the ship would have remained floating for a long time.
    It is very simple, the lower decks must have been filled up with water before this sequence of sinking that Estonia went through, it is absolutely clear!

  9. First thing that happened whatever reason is that water started to flow in on deck 0 and 1 and 2, the ship then started to list gradually and at some point it remained floating for app. 30 minutes in between 60 to 90 degrees list.
    The reason for the finally turnaround to 180 degrees list after ca. 30 minutes is that the upper decks slowly gets filled with water.
    When the right amount of water have filled the upper decks the weight of the upper decks is getting heavier and heavier, so heavy that it changed/shifted the balance point between the weight of the water on the upper decks and the buoyancy from the lower decks, and therefore the ship finally rolls over 180 degrees after ca. 30 minutes in this position.
    The ship then sinks immediately because the lack of buoyancy from deck 0 ,1 and 2.
    Without such leakage in to deck 0 and 1 and with leakage in to the car deck only, the ship would have turned around 180 degrees immediately and remained floating for days.

  10. The visor was found a mile and a half from the ship. there is no way that ship steamed at 21 knots with free surface effect for that distance. The fact that after the promise to bring her up a complete U turn was done, even trying to seal the ship in concrete, speaks volumes about the truth and the lies governments will tell in order shed blame. This ship is in shallow seas and is easy to recover, one must ask, why not and the families are left with terrors and empty promises.????
    This and many other maritime tragedies are stains on the flag states of the lost vessels.

  11. I'm right down the middle with the JAIC report. It's hard to disagree with the finding that the visor separated; the physical evidence is all there, but there's so many unanswered questions that the only ethical action would be the raise the vessel and make a clear hypothesis from all the physical evidence.

    Why did It sink so fast?
    Why was there no attempt to recover any victims despite the Rockwater reporting stating it was possible?
    Where did the hole come from? If it came from the visor, the JAIC report has this sequence wrong…

    There's only one way to be sure, and it needs to be pulled off the bottom of the Baltic.