Amsterdam mayor seeks to ban foreigners from 'coffee shops'

Amsterdam mayor seeks to ban foreigners from 'coffee shops'

The mayor of Amsterdam wants to ban foreigners from visiting the city’s famous coffee shops to buy cannabis. The move could have a big impact on tourism. But some residents say that is not a bad thing.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  1. Important message for human kind.
    Jews n Cristian make laws what they like. No matter it's good or bad for society..
    And still they talk about humanity…
    Shame on western world..
    Atleast they had to read QURAN IN THERE LANGUAGE ONCES IN A LIFE TIME….

  2. Halsema on her quest for richer tourists. It's rather pathetic. We all know what the real problem is, it's that a lot of real estate is in the hands of people who rent to tourists. So much so that you'll be hard pressed to find a place to live in Amsterdam within a period of ten years. But there's not a lot she can do about that so now the koffieshops are to blame for all the tourists. Her credibility is shriveling, like grapes with a suntan.

  3. It’s not just the Cannabis but what it represents as a symbol which has been one of True Freedom or something very close to it that Amsterdam has offered to all in the whole World that no other countries had offered in the 20th century & early 2000’s and in some respects still don’t. Cannabis today what next tomorrow and this sends a wider message to the rest of the world which promotes this Outdated Conservative near Authoritarian attitudes.

    If the Mayor and those Residents of Amsterdam really wanted to stop the Over Money oh sorry I mean “Over Tourism” then they should lend their support to the Pro-Cannabis campaigns around Europe as it’s an embarrassment that the US an historically backwards Conservative & Puritanical Authoritarian country decriminalises & legalises Cannabis before European Countries do.

    We preach how much more Progressive we are in Europe compared to the rest of the world well it’s about time we started showing it by Decriminalising and Legalising Cannabis throughout Europe for Medical & Recreational use and to buy or grow ourselves for personal use or to sell in licensed shops

    Side note: I’ve visited Amsterdam many, many, many times and the main culprits of this negative “Over Tourism” have always been the Idiot Drunk Tourist that can be found in every City around the World Amsterdam have nothing on Prague or even London if it was a contest. I guess the Mayor & Residents of Amsterdam are tired of all that Tourism Money which could have been used to improve life in the City for Both Residents & Tourists although the prospects of that Big Pharma money is presented as being made to look stronger despite Not being No where near as economically beneficial than the Potential of Cannabis Culture and the Positive economical knock-ons from it Globally

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