COVID-19 treatments: Ivermectin shows promise for poorer nations

COVID-19 treatments: Ivermectin shows promise for poorer nations

As vaccination programmes in the developing world lag behind richer nations’ efforts, a drug called ivermectin, commonly used for treating skin conditions and parasites in livestock, has shown some promise.
While data is still emerging about its effectiveness for COVID-19 patients, early trials across the developing world suggest that it may be useful.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from London, the UK.

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  1. I hate conspiracy theories, but at the same time it's an open secret that Big Pharma holds a lot of power and dunno but it just looks like their powerful lobbyists may have been blocking the global approval of a cheap but very effective drug for Covid…

  2. Ivermectin remains invaluable even when more vaccines are rolled out. If anything, the value of Ivermectin becomes even more clear as vaccine efficacy drops when matched with new variants such as the "South African" variant.

    Unlike vaccines where new virus variants results in reduced vaccine efficacy and raises the possibility of vaccine escape or antigenic escape, Ivermectin will work inside the infected cells regardless of the virus variant. The most ideal setup would be to use both vaccines and Ivermectin to slow down and eventually stop this pandemic.

  3. @Ris Moody  I've heard this as for dosage, from a friend of a friend medical doctor. If you get it prescribed it's usually a 12mg pill on day 1 and on day 3.
    If you use the horse paste from animal stores use the amount for your weight and same frequency (day 1 and day 3). Do not mix with any other drugs or alcohol and take on empty or very near empty stomach.

  4. China already knew this, they were curing SARS back in 2014 with Ivermectin, deep state was already eating this in advance, Operation Dark Winter was going to release a bioweapon back in 2001 but waited until something better could be released, 19. anyone catch how many times biden says it's going to be a Dark Winter. eh hem!

  5. Please modify the focus and images of the first seconds of the report. Ivermectin is not primarily for animals and the medical version is readily available in pharmacies worldwide. To avoid confussion, please use the image of a medical bottle or tablet package.

  6. Youtube just removed Dr. Kory's congressional testimony, including another summary video from Fox News which had almost 8 MILLION views.

    Yep, our system is completely broken.

  7. This a great video. Please share it. This drug treats covid19 by chance, not by design. But who cares. We need a cheap drug that people can afford in the real world. Clearly Al Zazeera is not in the orbit of Big Pharma who hate the thought of a low cost alternative to their lucrative new experimental vaccines.

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