Oman: History, Power and Influence | Al Jazeera World

Oman: History, Power and Influence | Al Jazeera World

Tribes, wars, colonisation, empire, rebellion, independence and reconstruction – this is the compelling history of the Gulf state of Oman, from the 16th century to the present day.

Oman began as a trading nation but was then colonised by the Portuguese. Local Omani leaders later expelled the Europeans and went on to use their own powerful navy to build an empire that, at its peak, stretched from the Arabian Gulf halfway down the coast of East Africa. But the British then arrived in the region and used their own considerable naval power to gain control of the Gulf route to India.

The plot then thickened as Britain’s deals with the sheikhs on the northern coast caused them to separate from Oman itself – and ultimately led to these Trucial States forming the UAE a century later.

Oman played an important role in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and is sometimes known as “the Switzerland of the Gulf” because of its neutrality.

This documentary takes us up to the death of Sultan Qaboos in 2020, his succession by Sultan Haitham and the appointment of the new Crown Prince of Oman in January 2021.


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  1. We need to help people up from the extreme poverty, many go without 3 meals a day. I recommend this Youtube channel for everyone to learn more about the most important things in life. A Voice In The Desert

  2. Somalia was indeed under the yoke of Omani Arabs. Somalia was a colony of Oman and they used to pay yearly a tribute to the sultan of Oman. In fact, Southern Somalia was purchased by Italy from Omani sultanate. The Darood, one of the four main clans in Somalia are still found in Oman with the same tribal name.

  3. I play eu4, before I start a campaign, I like to learn the history of the country I'm about to play. Thank you for this, oman is a very small, interesting nation in 1444.

  4. Very Fascinating History of Divide And Rule Phenomenon Of British Empire. Mankind Will Remember This For few Hundred Years and Than Blame Game Will Be Invented. Why The Leaders Of Time Don't Think Of People's Problem In Real Time and Why Problems Are Bartered For Colonialism. Divide the Divided and Part with Partition. Arabs Were Blessed with Blessings of Islam, The Religion of Pure Humanity and Essence Of Living With Humbleness and Righteousness towards Every Creation Of Allah. You Do Your Good Bit, And The Res will Be Sorted Out Automatically Insha'Allah. Salutations To Great Leader of Oman. All The Best For Time To Come.

  5. The Westerns countries only had wild animals when all this regions had tribes since the beginning of times.East Africa had a Queen that went to Jerusalén to meet King Salomon.She was the Queen of Sheba.

  6. The Sultanate of Oman is indeed a beautiful country. It is rich in unique history, wonderful nature and warm people. I was in the country when Sultan Qaboos died. The love for this late sultan was omnipresent. I wish the new sultan every success. I think it is important to maintain the neutrality of Oman. The country is located in a conflict-ridden region. This region needs a strong Oman.

  7. نحترم العمانيين ولاكن هاذا التاريخ غير صحيح
    عمان كانت ولا تزل جز من التاريخ اليمن
    إلى لعنت الله على الكاذبين