The Son Tay Raid – Vietnam War Special Forces

The Son Tay Raid - Vietnam War Special Forces

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  1. This raid was a prime example of "Military Intelligence" on full display If the Intel people wanted to ensure the success of this mission why didn't they have assets on the ground watching the camp which we now know had been empty for months before the raid? I know hindsight is 20/20 but with no evidence of the presence of the POWs for MONTHS before the raid, one could ask why was it even attempted? Calling this raid in any way successful is just a political spin. They were lucky that they didn't end up with 56 more POWs or KIAs.

    The Joint Chiefs are political appointees so I don't see how that they would be qualified to oversee a complex operational mission such as this?

    Nice to see footage of the H-34 at 9 minutes in. I was a crew chief on one of those birds. The Marines used these up until 1967 or so. Anyone remember the phrase "Cut me a Hus"?

  2. Just imagine you and your buddy are chilling and a helicopter crashes in your yard and 13 dude come running out of it screaming on a megaphone that they are there to rescue people

  3. My dad was in Son Tay during this operation. He told me they moved the prisoners because risk of flooding. He said the american crashed one of their heli into a tree so they need to leave it.

  4. Training HILARIOUS the veitnam war was a very expensive and stupid. Alot young men died and injured. Then the local people were shoot at like fish in a barrel. And what the hell did the world gain…?

  5. Dude! Neglecting that one of the three elements landed at the wrong site “the schoolhouse” and ran into an element of up to 200 men (likely NVA AA element with either Russian or Chinese advisors), messed them up, got back on their bird and onto the right objective in less than 10 minutes is bananas!

  6. I had thr honor of meeting Bull Simon's in the mid 70's. After the son ray raid he collected more hard Intel on prisoners but then Westmoreland told him to stand down. Being the great warrior he collected the
    Intel that came into his SOG office in Saigon. The operations did not stop but were put in the black so nobody knew about them.

  7. The CIA has been full of communist infiltrators since before it was called the CIA. It’s no coincidence that Son Tay was emptied out before the raid hit.

  8. So, did they ever go back and rescue them? I'm just curious how it turned out and if the soldiers ever got to come home. I think this mission was commendable and incredibly brave and the men who participated are the definition of a hero.

  9. The “Catastrophic Intelligence Failure”should never have happened on such a large scale operation. This is what happens when politics and out of date desk jockeys get involved. Reminds me of Operation Market Garden during WW2

  10. It still hasn't changed. Very high profile missions are generally kept secret even from the people who had to carry it out. If I remember right, the bin Landen raid was even kept secret from the people until the very last minute. They knew they were going after someone high profile and they knew by the secrecy that it had to be someone very important.

  11. In those days a man could never and would never say he had love for another man. We loved each other as brothers. These men showed love for their fellow soldiers in the only ultimate way we knew how back then. Be willing to give your life for your brother.
    Nothing more honorable
    Nothing better

  12. There was an episode of In Search Of with Leonard Nemoy called MIA or something and it was about pows and a mission created to free them and at some point the cia got involved and screwed it up.