Cats Can Be Left-Handed And 30 Jaw-Dropping Facts

Cats Can Be Left-Handed And 30 Jaw-Dropping Facts

Cats will distract you from whatever super important task you were trying to do when you stumbled upon them online. They are amazing animals and that’s why so many people around the world adore them. We think that we know everything about them, but that’s not true because they always find a way to amaze us. So what makes them so exceptionally fantastic and special?

Bright Side has learned a lot of new and interesting facts about these pets and decided to share them with you.

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#1. Cats can make up to 100 different sounds 0:44
#2. Cats are capable of recognizing their owner’s voice 1:12
#3. Black cats are really loved in many cultures 1:39
#4. There are currently 44 registered cat breeds in the world 2:02
#5. The first and only cat to go to space 2:26
#6. Cats hear frequencies as high as 60 kilohertz 2:49
#7. Speed cats can develop 3:12
#8. Cat purring 3:26
#9. Which cat is a Guinness World Record holder 3:52
#10. Cat’s way of letting you know who’s the boss 4:16
#11. Cat’s brain 4:38
#12. Proailurus 5:00
#13. The largest wildcat 5:19
#14. Cat breed that enjoys swimming 5:55
#15. The oldest cat breed on Earth 6:16
#16. The first pet to be cloned commercially 6:34
#17. What clowder is 6:57
#18. What psi-traveling is 7:13
#19. Cats meow 7:36
#20. How cats manipulate humans 7:51
#21. Coffee that’s created from wildcat luwak 8:10
#22. Why cats are so fluffy 8:54
#23. Cats can be right- and left-handed 9:02
#24. The most successful mouse catcher 9:14
#25. The heart of a cat 9:39
#26. Cats and earthquakes 9:54
#27. Cats can change color 10:11
#28. The first cat to appear in a cartoon 10:39
#29. Hamlet, a true jet-setter 11:10
#30. The richest cat in the world 11:27
#31. Cats can be lactose intolerant 11:57

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– Cats can make up to 100 different sounds! In comparison, dogs are capable of producing only 10.
– While many cultures see black cats as a sign of bad luck, they’re really loved in others. In the English Midlands, black cats are an excellent wedding gift.
– The first and only cat to go to space was Felicette (aka “Astrocat”) from France. She took off in 1963 and went as far as outer space.
– Cats normally have one to 9 kittens in a litter. Back in 1970, a Burmese/Siamese cat from Oxfordshire, UK, gave birth to 19 kittens, of which 15 survived. This made the cat a Guinness World Record holder.
– The first cat, or more likely its prehistoric relative, lived on Earth 30 million years ago. It was named “Proailurus,” meaning “first cat” in Greek. The pet cat’s family appeared 12 million years ago.
– The oldest cat breed on Earth is the Egyptian Mau. Its ancestors walked the planet more than 4,000 years ago! If you ever find yourself in Egypt, you’ll know how to say “cat” — it’s “mau.”
– If you’ve ever wondered how to name a group of cats, there’s a special word for it: clowder. Other names are clutter and glaring for adult cats and litter for kittens.
– Have you ever noticed how cats never meow at each other? In fact, they purr, spit, and hiss at each other, only meowing at humans.
– When cats need something from their owner, they can adapt their meow to manipulate humans! Who would say no to a kitty that sounds like a crying baby?
– Just like humans, cats can be right- and left-handed — sorry, pawed. Most female cats are righties; most males are lefties.
– You might love to travel, but can you compete with Hamlet, a true jet-setter? The kitty that escaped from his carrier in the air spent 7 weeks aboard the airplane and covered a total distance of 373,000 miles!
– You might love to travel, but can you compete with Hamlet, a true jet-setter? The kitty that escaped from his carrier in the air spent 7 weeks aboard the airplane and covered a total distance of 373,000 miles!
– If you think milk is the best treat you can give your cat because it’s a natural product, you’re wrong. Just like most adult mammals, cats can be lactose intolerant!

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  1. CATS Premiered on May 11, 1981 on London's West End, and at the Winter Garden Theater October 7, 1982, and in Red Lodge, MT, Civic Center May 8 & 9 1987, and toured Montana till May 11, 1987, Then the video in 1998, the Revival in 2016, and Tom Hooper's Film in 2019, Bust a Tail And Do Not Fail.

  2. it is confirmed…… I am 50% cat……… 
    1. my heart rate is actually pretty fast
    2. I can put
    3.i can meow
    4. I can kiss
    5. I get very protective of my own cat ( he lives outside) so every time a new cat comes and tries to fight my cat I hiss and meow at him/ her
    6.i think im actually trying to show that im the boss even tho im not…
    7. I can move my ears
    8. I like cuddles
    9. my eyes change colour depending on the lighting I think
    10. my eyes and green-ish

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