You Can't Do These 19 Things in Foreign Countries

You Can't Do These 19 Things in Foreign Countries

Bright Side found 19 of the most extraordinary things people in various countries aren’t allowed to do according to the law.

We don’t know much about laws if other countries, but that topic is usually pretty boring. But not this time! Why can’t you save a drowning person in China? Where can’t you pay only with change? What happens to a man in Samoa if he forgets about his wife’s birthday?!..
In this video, we will tell you about 19 most extraordinary things people aren’t allowed to do in various countries. We still struggle to believe some of them!

You can’t eat biscuits on Christmas Day 0:44
You can’t touch whales 1:13
You can’t die in Parliament 1:36
You can’t rescue a drowning person 2:01
You can’t kiss at train stations 2:36
You can’t feed pigeons 3:15
You can’t buy Kinder Surprise 3:33
You can’t pay only with change 4:18
You can’t step on money 4:36
You can’t forget about your wife’s birthday 4:58
You can’t show your tattoos 5:22
You can’t run out of gas on highway 9:04
You can’t wake bears up 6:14
You can’t offer cigars to pets 6:43
You can’t cheat in school 6:56
You can’t frown 7:14
You can kill your cheating husband 7:29
You can’t pee in the ocean 7:59
You can’t eat at a burning restaurant 8:23

– In 1644 in The United Kingdom Oliver Cromwell prohibited celebrating Christmas because he thought it was immoral. It’s curious that this law hasn’t been abolished, so every Englishman technically commits a crime every time he eats a biscuit on a Christmas day.
– All whales, dolphins and other sea mammals within the 3-mile radius of the UK are considered Elizabeth’s property. So, you can’t touch them without breaking the law.
– It is illegal for any politician to die in Parliament. We are not completely sure what punishment a criminal might get.
– Not a single list of strange laws can leave China untouched. One of such laws says that it’s illegal to rescue somebody who is drowning. This bizarre and inhumane law is connected with the Eastern philosophy stating that interfering with a person’s fate is immoral.
– This law first appeared in France in 1910 when kissing couples were so busy saying goodbye to each other that they actually delayed trains. As a result, the authorities banned kissing at platforms and made special «kissing zones» where lovers can take a moment of tenderness.
– It is illegal and punished by a fine to feed poor, hungry pigeons in Venice.
– The famous chocolate eggs had been prohibited all around the United States since the very day of their appearance. The reason for this was that, according to the US laws, it is prohibited to put small toys into food because children can choke on small parts.
– In Canada, you can’t have fun cracking your piggy bank and buying something. There is a law that prohibits you from paying only with change if the price is over 10 Canadian dollars.
– Rama IX who was the king of Thailand for 70 years before he died in 2016. He was and is viewed as divine by the people in Thailand, so stepping on the money with his picture is considered a crime.
– You will pay a fine in Samoa if you forget about your wife’s birthday. We wonder: do offended wives actually report their husbands?
– It’s not that there is law in Japan that prohibits having visible tattoos, it’s more of a stereotype that people with tattoos are associated with criminal groups like the Yakuza.
– There is a network of high-speed highways in Germany called Autobahn. You can drive extremely fast on such roads so you are not allowed to run out of gas and stop because this might cause a car accident.
– So many people try to wake up bears during their winter hibernation, that it was actually made illegal in Alaska.
– You can’t offer cigars to pets. Poor animals in Illinois, USA!
– Any Bangladesh student older than 15 who is caught cheating in school can be imprisoned.
– When in Milan don’t forget that it’s illegal to frown there.
– In Hong Kong, if a wife catches her husband cheating, she has the legal right to kill him. However, she can only kill him with her bare hands.
– You can be sentenced to some time in the cell if you get caught peeing in the ocean in Portugal.
– There is a law in Chicago that prohibits you to continue eating your meal when the restaurant is on fire.

Do you know about any other laws we didn’t mention? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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  1. No.19 spot is fake & No.18 because our monarchy has little power but still is the most powerful person in our country and number 17 because if they do then it’s not their fault

  2. it's NOT TRUE about there's a China law prohibiting you save drowning people. I guessed many others are false. Bright side used to be one of my favorite, but now I noticed a lot of what they say is not true.
    As matter of fact, there is a saying in china for many years, " who do you save first if your wife and mom both are drowning?" There is also a Chinese saying which goes "saving one life is better than building a seven tier pagoda".
    Dear Bright Side, if you don't know about a culture and law, please don't pretend you do.

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