Biological Chernobyl – The Sverdlovsk Incident

Biological Chernobyl - The Sverdlovsk Incident

In April of 1979, people from the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk began falling strangely ill with inexplicable symptoms. Soviet intelligence is believed to have covered-up the true number of casualties.

When the Kremlin sent scientists and military officials to investigate the zone, they concluded it was contaminated meat from the local cattle.

But it was not.

The USSR hid the truth from its population and the world.

Eventually, word got out. What truly happened, whistleblowers said, was an accident at a clandestine biological weapons laboratory that liberated deadly anthrax spores that contaminated Sverdlovsk’s air.

It was an omission that cost the Soviet military the secrecy of its top-secret biological warfare projects.

And at the height of the Cold War, during the aggressive Regan administration, the USSR could not afford the luxury of having its secret military programs exposed.

Thus, the accident was buried deep in propaganda.

After the accident occurred, Soviet officials took over the zone and closed the city. The military has been patrolling the area until this very day….

Many suspect that Russia still continues to test deadly pathogens and other hazardous materials at the site.

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  1. Thanks for the video! I do have two comments.

    Ronald Reagan wouldn't become president until 1981. For the first year or so of this incident Carter was still president.

    The incident bears a striking similarity to the Piper Alpha incident.

  2. The cause of the outbreak was denied for years by the Soviet authorities, which blamed the deaths on consumption of tainted meat from the area.
    Sounds familiar…

  3. If russia had enough pow, russia can create anything. Even now russia still holds the best virus in the world called blyat virus anyone infected will lose the ability to think for themselves and when they infront of computer the bot calling is a must to them.

  4. Nixon….
    You ?
    Good Job of yours BRAINS..
    I believe your intelligence didn't informed you well…
    If it is a medical equipment, it's not a weapon…
    Ask Biden neuronal matter, you can find it in a tissue after he sneeze.
    If it's considered science, isnt exactly a threat, right?
    I mean… even cancer it's more acceptable than Scientific knowledge by nowadays academical standards..

  5. Many suspect that Israel has a biological weapons facility. USA has a bio weapons facility at Fort Detrick.The UK has a Bio weapons facility at Porton Down. Don't just blame Russia.