Have US police departments become too militarised?

Have US police departments become too militarised? - BBC News

US President Joe Biden is reportedly looking to restrict police from receiving military equipment.

The 1033 programme currently allows local law enforcement to receive surplus weapons and vehicles from the US Department of Defense.

More than $7.5bn (£5.5bn) worth of equipment has been transferred over the years, with over 8,000 agencies enrolled.

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BBC News


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  1. Arms and energy industries rule the (un) United state of America… It's just about money… For those that have to acru more and those that don't don't matter…

  2. Huge waste of taxpayers money- DOD buys armoured ied resistant vehicles for $750k and sells them to budget conscious police depts for less than the price of a police spec Crown Victoria.

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  4. Well yeah obviously their not going up against some drunken half wit in rebok trackies who’s had too much cider… their literally going up against armed militias…. this is the problem with having loose gun laws… I’m not even allowed a BB gun in my country and I’m glad… that means no one is allowed one either that means shootings don’t really exists that means our police are not armed like mercenaries because the worst they come up against is some youth with a butter knife… a taser deals with that and proper therapy and time may eventually change the individuals path that’s what police are for… protect the public, and if possible change the path the offender is on…. I don’t even dare visit America knowing that at any moment someone could take your life with a squeeze of a trigger…. I bet Americans have awful anxiety and paranoia

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  6. I would say yes but I would also say that American citizens have become entitled criminals with no regard for their own actions who contribute nothing to society. Like the BLM hate group and ANTIFA for example.

  7. Ah yes, i can smell the foreigners and people from dead center cities being angry about police with nessecary equipment to keep the public safe…. This seems bout right.

  8. They are using military grade weapons on American civilians isn't that supposed to be against the US Constitution, the Geneva Convention, etc. or something like that. I thought military grade weapons are only supposed to be used in a REAL ACT OF WAR on a foreign country not on your own citizens. And it is scary you are putting military grade weapons in the hands of cops who may have a chip on their shoulder with no proper military training like they would receive in the US military.

  9. The constitution talks about an active citizen led militia to ensure the government doesnt become tyrannical this is the time for this to happen.

  10. 별..의미 x.

    97’..98’.. 재진이..

    0우..원희.. 영감..마눌.. ㄷ..ㅏ..등록..ㅇㅔ..

    애ㄴ.. 설주..영감ㄴㅔ..하나.. 또.. 몰ㄹㅓ..

    중굮..쎈따..은행.. 장ㅇㅔ..

    ..ㄱㅖ횎ㅅ..잒성..해노믄.. 미군부ㄷ..배달.. 교황ㅊ.. ..배달.. 0우..원희.. ㅂㅐ달..졲..남ㅁㅐ..

    ㅇㅣ시대..유일..로..남은.. 진정ㅎ..ㅂㅐ달..의,민족.. ..이런ㄱㅓ..밖에..

    ㅇㅣ자..를..배달..할ㄱㅔ..잇어.. ..럼ㅍ..ㄷ..

    판문ㅈ..통ㅎㅐ..백두ㅅ..까지..등산..하겟더만.. ㄱㅖ횎ㅅㄴㅏ..배달..

  11. The answer is no due to what criminals can get their hands on its about having better odds than them in America a knife wielding terrorist could be stopped in a matter of minutes whereas in the UK they are able to kill a bunch of people before we arrest them and give them 4 star hotels.

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