Mitt Romney’s SURPRISING Comment on Deficit Spending

Mitt Romney’s SURPRISING Comment on Deficit Spending

Mitt Romney and Jamaal Bowman agree that the Republican Party is extremely hypocritical on spending and the deficit. Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila discuss how Romney is still no hero for saying the right thing on this one issue on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member:

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“Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said it is disingenuous for Republicans to criticize Democrats for plans to spend trillions of dollars after the GOP remained largely quiet about its deficit concerns under former President Trump.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Nando Vila

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Nando Vila


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  1. Unfortunately, TYT, holding grudges does prevent one from giving others credit for saying or doing something right or honorable. Why is it so hard to just say that 'Although you have other issues with Romney, he had the guts to speak the truth against his own selfish party on this particular issue.' Your (TYT's) negative take on Romney's comments could justify why others refuse to publicly speak their minds; they're more damned (by GOPs and Dems) if they do than if they don't. TYT, you're acting just like the GOP by not honestly giving credit where and when it's due. Thanks to Romney for speaking up when literally no one else is.

  2. It is vitally important that Americans end this political schism that divides us on political views based on two separate ideologies.
    We should pay less attention to political ideology and focus on a economic ideology policy rather than political theory.

    We cannot advance ourselves as a nation united in common causes unless we fix our attitude toward each other.
    Things that unite us are needed such as, adopting mandatory voting which strengthens democracy and guards against voter fraud.

    EVERY American citizen should have a duties to perform in service of our country. That would include the rich and the poor from every race, color and creed.
    I would suggest a mandatory two year active military service plus two years of military science, one being in a ROTC program.
    Mandatory military service could be a unity spreader. There is something for everyone to do to improve our country.
    Get creative America.

  3. Romney is experinced…..he knows, what the situation will be in 4 month time. Of course you have to make deficit to save the country in crisis like this. The economy will boom, when people go back to normal Life

  4. I actually have some respect for him. I don't agree with many of his policies, but his values are apparent in his actions. He is a man of a small amount of character. Unfortunately that's huge these days.

  5. Yeah that would all make sense if the Democrats would take advantage of the Republicans hypocrisy. But they don't so we are stuck with weak, watered down relief bills that are in no way adequate.

  6. Mitt Romney is smart enough to know his party is going down the tubes and they will be completely out of power soon the next election will be bad for republicans there white elite supremacy racist don’t represent the American people any more the American people are watching and they will never forget and never forgive what the republicans did on January 6

  7. Bull s**t!!!! Mitt knows that republicans will try to rigg the next election and if republicans keep claiming voter fraud, than there's a big possibility that democrats will start to investigate ahead of the election and republicans will get caught. He wants republicans to quiet down so when they cheat no one will question them and democrats will peacefully hand over the power to these scumbags.

  8. Romney is admitting the obvious: the left and Democrats will NEVER, EVER believe fiscal restraint rhetoric from Republicans

    That ship has sailed and has been sunk.

    I'll give Trump credit. He destroyed the Republican Party in ways I have only dreamt about. Beautiful!

  9. Bain Capital is classic: load the company with debt, pay all the board members millions. Pick over the bones in bankruptcy, fire all the workers and keep their pensions.

    Romney is Satan. But even the devil tells the truth more than religious sycophants and their evils god(s).

  10. The debt will be resolved by taking taxes from riches. Why we need to whine on debt debt. Take back tax from riches. 4 years tax break is enough for now. Small businesses and people will take a turn. Fare and square …..

  11. Negative results of a Not Guilty vote must be clearly evident to the Senators or Trump continues unabashed. Tweet Senators and demand they Vote "Guilty." or lose your Trust, support, and vote. Speak Now or forever acknowledge your silent approval.

  12. You can't be blaming Mitt Romney for Private Equity. Hedge funds and private equity both started post WW2 people combined their money to take advantage of the post war boom. Prior to that it was rich individuals like JP Morgan and families that did similar things dating back to the early 1900's.

  13. Romney won't be in office long, especially since he is not sucking up to the Trumpist. Also, Romney is like that old school villian, he can't back stab you because you know where he stands.

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