How Hollywood Twins Scenes Have Evolved Over 100 Years | Movies Insider

How Hollywood Twins Scenes Have Evolved Over 100 Years | Movies Insider

There’s a long history of actors playing fake twins, doppelgangers, and doubles in movies. This episode of “Movies Insider” traces the evolution of doubling effects in Hollywood, from the split screens of the original “Parent Trap” to the rotoscoping and green-screen composites used on Nicolas Cage in 2002’s “Adaptation,” all the way up to the advanced face and head replacements of 2019’s “Us.”

We take a look at how technology dating from the early silent-film era has advanced to make movies like “Us,” “The Social Network,” and more possible, and break down why the Jeremy Irons twins in David Cronenberg’s 1988 movie “Dead Ringers” represented a turning point for twin effects.

Find out how the artists at Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies VFX cloned Paul Rudd for his 2019 Netflix series “Living with Yourself,” how Rodeo FX created Jake Gyllenhaal doppelgangers for Denis Villeneuve’s 2013 thriller “Enemy,” and how NVIZ Studio pulled off its twinning effects on Tom Hardy in 2015’s “Legend” and Seth Rogen in 2020’s “An American Pickle” — and learn why late 19th-century optical effects laid the foundation for all this groundbreaking effects work in the 21st century.

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How Hollywood Twins Scenes Have Evolved Over 100 Years | Movies Insider


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  1. People think its super amusing to have twins wear the same clothes, act the same or do things in synchrony and 99% of the time that is how they are portrayed. That isn't what being a twin is like though and it just makes me roll my eyes every time they have twins in a movie.

  2. This also speaks to society and/or Hollywood's unrealistic expectations that identical twins are absolutely 100% identical. Truth is, even identical twins have some minor differences, especially as they age and have their own experiences in life. That bit where they describe getting the actor and double on The Social Network to train so they could look athletically identical was a bit silly to me. It's totally normal for one twin to be more big or small. Hollywood just wants to fit the expectation that identical twins are 100% identical when that's just not really true.

  3. When my identical twin sister and I saw Harry Potter in theaters when we were around 13, we both freaked out because we immediately recognized that Fred and George were portrayed by actual identical twins instead of one person pretending to be identical twins. Having met at least 9 other sets of identical twins in my life, there are always tiny physical differences between identical twins. Mole placement, scars, and even a small difference in height is pretty common. I'm really disappointed that this video didn't address the Phelps twins.