How To Harm Your Audience – Wonder Woman 1984

How To Harm Your Audience - Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman 1984 is the worst superhero movie ever made. In this video essay, I explain why…

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0:00 – Cold Open
5:20 – Intro
7:44 – Part 1 – Dreadful Dialogue
19:47 – Part 2 – A Toxic Moral
34:39 – Part 3 – A Volatile Tone
40:12 – Part 4 – Weak Characters
54:17 – Part 5 – Awful Representations
1:00:17 – Part 6 – Poor Pacing
1:08:47 – Part 7 – A Terrible Magic System

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  1. Hey Guys,

    This one was a massive creative experiment. I'm keen to know what you thought of it, and if there's anything I can do to refine this new style a bit more.

    Also, feel free to join my discord where we talk about films, games, and creative writing. If you're a writer yourself you'll find a nice little community geared towards you there.

    Here's the link:

    But thanks for watching, I'm going to crack on with my next video. If you paid attention to this one you'll know exactly what my next upload will be on.
    – Henry

  2. I think anyone, but especially someone working in a creative field, ought to be extremely careful with labelling a work of art as "harmful", as this is the go-to tactic of censors and book-burners throughout the ages. While you might even be able to scrounge up an anecdotal example of EG a small child dressing up as superman and jumping out a window, that still shouldn't be used to curtail creative freedom. It is pretty much impossible to draw a causal relationship between media consumed and subsequent actions taken, and god knows many people have tried to find this golden grail of censorship-justification, be it the "video games are murder-simulators" folks or the "Rock and Roll is satanic" crowd.

    Even if the moral of a story is (inadvertently) atrocious, that's a far cry from it causing real-world harm.

  3. WW1984 is visually assaulting, intellectually insulting, and a waste of millions of dollars and some good actors. I could not believe what I was watching. Sloppily written and directed and just plain stupid. Ugly. I'd rather watch Catwoman ten times than watch WW1984 again.

  4. I love the old Batman movies they are funny and great movie, yes even Batman & Robin. Remember they come after the 60's Batman and everyone is forgetting that

  5. When I read Brian Michael Bendis' older work, and I know its quirks, but when I first read his work back when he was writing Powers, Alias, Ultimate Spider-Man, etc., I thought his dialogue was really realistic compared to a lot of writers around that time, or before. You can really feel the flow of the conversations like it was a movie happening off the panels. Some people didn't like the inefficiency of his style, but there's a lot learn there.

    Contrast to something Grant Morrison in modern times, like his work on Superman, and it's an incoherent mess that feels like multiple panels and dialogue boxes are missing all the time lol. I dunno what happened to him.

  6. I agree with such pretty much everything you pointed in this video (Its so bad, I think almost everyone but the creators saw it. It smacks you in the face, its so obnoxiously bad). However, I have to disagree with the notion that the beginning morale of "“there’s no shortcuts to success”" does not relate to the rest of the story. This is wrong. It most certainly does relate. Making the wish is a shortcut. That is direct and quite simple and obvious connection. It is just poorly executed throughout the movie, and that beginning flashback is far too long with the obstacle course coming of really silly and cheesy

  7. The only thing I disagree with is the assessment of the old black guy looking at the women exercising in the mall. He did nothing wrong. If he wasn't directed to look like an absolute goomba no one would have a problem with that. Hell, when I was taking my sister to Gymnastics I stuck around just to watch the girls (I'm only a year older than her, so it wasn't some pedo shit and we were in college).

  8. Another important comment on the harmful message left in the movie: The target audience was young girls, so the potential group of people susceptible to the harmful message is even higher than average.

  9. You ever wonder what goes through peoples minds when they write a movie like this? Like “Oh let’s make all the male characters perverts and creeps” like did not one person perc up and be like Alienating a whole Gender probably won’t go well or did someone say that then immediately get shot down?