Keiser Report | Price Discovery in an Age of Paper

Keiser Report | Price Discovery in an Age of Paper | E1653

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the official and ‘authoritative’ voices permitted to be published that are now warning of the high economic and life expectancy cost to lockdown measures. In the second half, Max interviews Egon von Greyerz of about the impossibility of price discovery because of the paper gold market in which $70 trillion is traded every year against $213 billion annual mine production.

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  1. Beautiful report from Stacy. Nothing has made logical sense in the US for about a year. So it does feel like we're headed back to an illogical, superstitious, dark age.

  2. I'm on the fence about buying bitcoin. The fed is demonizing it by connecting it to illegal activity, tho we know that's not true. Point being should I buy with bitcoin being on the banker's radar to try and ban?

  3. If Central Banks will ban Bitcoin then the International people's money (BTC) will win. Also, how is it possible for the dollar to weaken AND the stock market (priced in dollars) to weaken at the same time?

  4. I don't want to sound too harsh but the older the financial opinion the worse it is. A new generation of asset appreciation is on the verge of exploding and these guys simply saying "I don't know much about bitcoin" isn't going to cut it. Unless your intention was to show us how dated financial advice really is then it's all good. HODL. These rich freaks will even lie to your face and make you think bitcoin won't outperform gold.

  5. If the bullion dealers can by thousand ounce bars, given they are readily availabley. Why can't they buy the 1000 ounce bars and sell 1 ounce coins at near spot as far into the future as retail demand requires as long as they have their future commitment to deliver hedged by their actual ownership of 1000 ounce bars. The bullion banks are getting a free ride and ripping off consumers.

  6. no…masks are useless. Anyone in the medical field knows this. The fact that people in China were wearing them only means they are oppressed and now so are we.

  7. No Stacy, I love you but we are NOT idiots. The Plandemic is a war on humanity and a cover for "vaccinating" the sheeple. Whoever takes their injectable software IS an idiot.

  8. Come on Stacy. You should scrutinize the motive for such articles. Biden said months ago who would be getting money in the US.. He must have read those articles months ago (or penned them). lol Do a piece on the media buzzword "equity" next pls.

  9. I like Stacy and Max, but Stacy's summation of the decline of Rome and the rise of the Middle Ages is probably the most absurd caricature of history I've heard in a long time.

  10. Oh God please spare us English major Stacey explaining European history.
    The Vatican "ran the Dark Ages" and nobody had any ability to reason any longer.
    Who the fuck do you think kept learning and science alive? The Huns?
    But hon, I love that jacket. One of your most flattering.

    BTW, late Roman Empire had plagues. Nasty ones that killed huge numbers. They had no more "science" to cope with it than the later cultures. But never mind. You two just muddle through.

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