The Killing Field | 101 East

The Killing Field | 101 East

*Content warning: This film contains graphic images of death throughout.

They are Australia’s elite special forces. For more than 10 years, they were on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. But explosive revelations expose a series of killings by some of these highly trained soldiers.

In this revealing programme, a special forces operative who was on these covert missions speaks out about what he saw. What he has to say will shock and appal.

In an investigation that was months in the making, drawing upon sources in Australia and Afghanistan, 101 East exposes a culture of impunity and cover-up among members of Australia’s special forces.

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  1. US and allies in the Afghanistan/Iraq wars: Burning people's houses, shooting their dogs, destroying their vehicles, and shooting people who are surrendering

    Also the US and allies: Why do they keep joining the Taliban 🙁

  2. I love Quake he cares so much about his crew; he heard gunfire and thought the victim was shooting he was goin in!
    Poor dog didn't know he helped one of his boys kill an innocent tho.

  3. unfortunate truth of war. if its too hard to swallow. just think of 9.11 or 7.7 or the countless other times innocent people were killed. doesnt make it right, i know, but makes it easier.

  4. ваши регулярные войска в Афганистане ничем не занимались – фотографировались для прессы,патрулировали,занимались политологией и стояли в охранении аэродромов.
    А всю грязную работу за вас делали наемники AEGIS и другие.

  5. What I find interesting is that soldiers from the US, Australia and UK seem have higher numbers of people who like war / fighting. The latter less I assume than the first two. On the other hand, Germans seem to always talk about PTSD even in Africa. Fighting in wars can be fun for a significant amount of people but when it is constantly close combat / less than 100m / or in a city, war is personal with most traumatic experiences happening I assume. The part of feeling superior is disgusting especially when people do not understand why in this case Afghan people join the other side or just give up.

  6. Go and criticise isis or the taliban, the ASAS are elite worriors and they have to be precise and brutal in their work or else how are they suppose to do their job and keep in mind they are not like regular infentry units war is war stop trying to add snow flake politics in it, these man deserve more respect than this

  7. Another war Americans could not win…Russian lost and pulled out…lives and millions spend . Another Vietnam lost….wake up Americans, you were never ready for this type of war….

  8. Everyone trying to finish afghanistan and afghan but listen all world this your dream will be remine as a dream many many hands from Pakistan Iran and many countries but remember when this world is there afghanistan will be there and no one can takeover to afghanistan this your dream will go with you to grave

  9. I guess this is one reason why Afghanistan collapsed so quickly after the coalition left. Every family that experienced such treatment from the Western soldiers and all their friends and relatives who were told about it would definitely be pushed right into the hands of the Taliban.

  10. There’s a thin line between doing what you have to do and becoming a war criminal. Most people wouldn’t know how to ride that line, try not to judge these men too much. Not many in civilized countries understand what it feels like to see someone killed in front of you. It makes you be a monster out of necessity. When the enemy looks like every single civilian that’s around you imagine what that would do to your head just constantly perceiving that everyone is a threat at all times. Just take a few seconds to put yourself in those shoes.

  11. Xd i like how everyone in this comment section agrees but tell them to go ahead and do how you see fit youll find most of them dead with in the week since its a combat zone you dont know who was against you you go in you dont know what to expect but now im not saying is good to behave like that but its expected behaviour dont agree with the methods but if you were the ones captured by the taliban youd be dead a few days later. i dont expect normal people to understand the things these people go through is traumatizing and some people who go in there are sometimes not emotionaly stable combined with the stressfull enviroment they can lose it

  12. Lolx killing innocent armless afghans doesn't mean u got an honour of bravery but instead u are a soldier who gets scared of his own shadow feeling shamed for u..

  13. Постойте , Разве не американцы поддерживали талибан называя их борцами за свободу, и поставляя им оружие, когда советский союз пытался бороться с талибаном? Лицемерия англосаксов нет предела.

  14. whats the difference between these SAS "specialists" and the IS terrorists? The terrorists use machetes, the SAS terrorists use guns. is anyone arrested for war crimes? no. thats the reason why locals start to hate and shoot those "good western specialists".

  15. Most of the nato are not better then the talibans , just a bunch of blood thirsty psychopathes looking for a "legal" way to kill .
    what the f**k were you thinking going to ppl's houses humilate them and destroy their properties and then blame Islam for making them radical jihadist , the west did that not Islam.