What’s happening in Myanmar?| Start Here

What’s happening in Myanmar?| Start Here

The military in Myanmar has detained Aung San Suu Kyi and deposed her government.
The generals accuse Suu Kyi and her party, the National League for Democracy, of election fraud.
So how did we get here? And what’s next for Myanmar’s young democracy?

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  1. I did not hear anything about large pockets of resistance being armed with modern rifles and trained in the forest and wilderness. This has been reported on by other sources. The very popular people or encouraging other people's to join the armed resistance.

  2. its funny how media will say only white people can be racist but then casually admit that ethnic/racial conflict are commonplace in brown countries. lol. so brown and any people of color can be racist.

  3. It is completely disgraceful what the government and the military have done to the Rohingya. For not doing more Aung San Suu Kyi should surrender her Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. Hi everyone! I'm one of the citizens in Myanmar. I just want all the people from other country know that what's happening in Myanmar. First of all, we are all under the military coup, as you know, a lot of our citizens were killed by the cops, most are almost just teenager, university students. Recently, Covid 19 is spreading in Myanmar, we don't have enough oxygen and also treatment from the doctors. A lot of people died of infecting disease, what the most hateful things is that terrible man (Min Aung Hlaing) pretends to show how he is caring for his citizens and how he is good for that. It just all the fake things!!! We need help!!! Please help our citizens.

  5. Think Buddhism is a religion of peace??
    Think again.
    All ideologies are essentially are a part of group psychology and group does whatever it wants be it associated with any philosophy.

  6. Protip: don't allow any immigrants in the next government. The wolrd is burning coz of that. Form a conservative secular government with emphasis on protecting the identity and culture.

  7. N west accuses Taliban of human rights violation coz they are Muslim. n no say on myanmar.they are total hypocrates.why there is no millitary solution of Myanmar to solve human rights violation issues.its a clear humanitarian crises.myanmar army is involved in henious crimes against humanity.

  8. The noble sacrifice of the Myanmar people will be the driving force behind democracy. I will cheer for Myanmar until its dream country is completed by winning the people. Fighting!!

  9. Almost eight months of coup, we are now seeing the ugly pictures of mass killing campaign at the central Myanmar, where the Burmese ethnics are mostly populated. The conditions are the same as in 2016 Rohingya genocide under the brutal military crackdown. First the internet access is cut off in these areas. Second, the troops raided into the villages, shooting civilian of any age to death, burning down the village, raping women and looting property. It happens now across the country. Its like the fascist rule during world war 2. So, what happen in major cities not the village now? Arbitary detention on people whom they suspect supporting pro democracy and the worst case is torture to death. Its like "hey! we took your son or husband and we beat to death and took the internal organs. Here is the body. If you want it, just give money!" So,yes! Myanmar military is no longer a defense institution but it is a gang group of terrorism. Their atrocities cannot expressed by words.

  10. The land of relentless war whirlpool sur passed n nonetheless ruminated with improper guardian in consecutive period as well as doesn,t assumed wisdom destiny. To explained this stated retained multiple culturistic with distinctive heritages n tradition by beautiful forbearances inclusively with hospitable n in tolerances also with fun loving n helping in nature nothing wrong with nation we certified n concerned but in contrast this guardian military council we consider lack of establishment n not only do not abide the international ligitimacy but also always by milestone pretentious to ignore the international inquiry custody. Because the country have long been civil war with own young satellite state is common n allegedly insulted in position of crime against humanity. However this rotten majestic ruling party is less prestige mainly in infrustructure let,s mentioned from 1946 until now is of course some have been developed but not in sufficient for example long been forgotten home affairs n less content into international advisory n enterprise as well as open door n joining international tariff. Besides always by hiden agenda n conducted ruminate stalemate as such as allowed pultiple parliamentarian participated only for a while is only to show the international confidential n to get untighten from US sanction n to rescue the undisclosed their darkside disclosure from the world. In the past time one of biggest arms expenditure in southeast Asian countries besides in home affairs are likely one of poorest state in southeast Asian. In burma is unquestionably this military rule of law is coercive. Puppet. Corruption. Absolute power. Power by totting gun.manipulate.fabricated.power by force. Always treated these indigenous state with discriminated by far impoverishment is rare. As a myanmar citizen is no supprise there,re mass exodus of fear handicapped. War run war gruesome. War salvage. Mass stampede run to jungle with no foods no medicine no shelter dying crying everywhere scare. We urge UN chartered mission organisation time to chartered to mandate in our land please this is time………. Thanks