25 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Actually Scary

25 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Actually Scary

Get ready to be afraid because these two sentence horror stories that are actually scary will haunt you tonight. We searched the web to find these amazing dark and scary reddit horror stories in two sentences or less and this list does not disappoint. These two sentence horror stories make up for their short size with terrifying mental pictures that will make your inner voice scream! Are you brave enough to watch these 25 Two Sentence Horror Stories That Are Actually Scary?

**This super scary list is not for our younger viewers or those faint of heart. Younger viewers are encouraged to watch our list of the 25 Most Dangerous Jobs – https://youtu.be/xZs5BzyRkTc instead**

List25 takes a walk on the scary side with these scary stories that will make you scream. Join Mike in the dark for a taste of the most creepy short stories the internet can produce, and be prepared to be scared! Have you ever tried to tell a ghost story in just two sentences? It’s hard work! But these amazing reddit short stories tell the scariest, creepiest, and downright most terrifying short stories in only two sentences. Think you can make it past the first five without turning your lights on? What about the first ten? Make sure to check out this video of the 25 most terrifying two sentence horror stories that are actually scary and leave us a comment letting us know how terrified you are!

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Thanks to the magic of Reddit we have been able to collect the most terrifying two sentence horror stories in existence. From extra shadows, to someone being inside your house, this list hits all the scariest story points sure to make your hair stand on end. Think you’ve heard every scary story idea? Well we bet this list will have something new for you. Why is mom hiding in the closet? Who’s strange and scary items are these? These two sentence horror stories are sure to make your skin crawl and your hair stand on end. Make sure to watch all the way to the end to see which stories make our top 10 most terrifying!

Music Credit: Day of Recon and Deep Horrors

Story credits in full article. Thanks to Reddit users: pgan91, guztaluz, BitterSimplicity, namlessuser, jmperson, colbaltcollapse, comparativelysane, KnowsGooderThanYou, Mikeyseventyfive, skuppy, bentreflection, keresmagnus, wartortlesthebestest, pentakill-lux, lordatomosk, rezzliox, TLFMOD, gorillasaurusrexx, & blaqkmagick


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  1. lol i got a 3 scentence one- I’d swore i’d locked the doors that night at 12:00am. But when I woke up and checked, the doors were unlocked. It’s funny because I live alone and I’m the only one that owns a key to my place. I checked my nightstand for assurance and the key was still there.

  2. My sister has been missing for a week now, they searched the woods for miles around our neighborhood. But they never thought to look under my bed, the smell is getting stronger though I need to move her.

  3. This is old but good ones would be
    After a three day trip, we made it to the cabin. There was no wifi…
    I had won a staring contest! Normally i would've been happy if my reflection didn't lose…

  4. I listened to my mom call me inside after playing with the neighbors. As I sat down at the table, she sent me a text saying that she’s on her way back with the pizza.

  5. The house right across the street from me burned down last night, and the family of five who lived there all died. It’s tragic, sure, but I think it’s nice that they laid them to rest in the cemetery right across the street from their house.

  6. these are funny to me, not scary. maybe because i like scary movie and hearing these kind of things. but in real life, scary things did happen to me that wasn't funny. but i will always love scary things.

  7. "I did as you said and tied up all the customers then let you do the same to me, so please just take the money and leave" I pleaded.

    The man in the white mask pulled out a knife from the back pocket of his suit and said "who ever said that I came here for money?"

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