Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal SF Highlights | Wimbledon 2018

Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal SF Highlights | Wimbledon 2018

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This is the official YouTube page of The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships), home of Wimbledon. The Championships 2018 will run from 2 July – 15 July.


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  1. The 2 main weapons of novak against nadal are his backhand and serve . his backhand he can use it as a shield but also as weapon to attack . his serve he just needs to serve wide .

  2. It shows that nadal is the only player who can challenge djokovic at his best, and he was at his best at this wimbledon. Djokovic is picking up surprising losses, which he wasnt doing before, but he is still mostly now playing at his highest level. And nadal was in great form too. Can see just how improved nadal's backhand is compared to his peak years, hitting it more often flat cross court, rather than topspin backhand all the time.The reason djokovic won is because he won the first set. Nadal rarely win if he loses the first set. Nadal is great when he is leading a match, not when he's trailing. federer and nadal have a very poor comeback king record. so when we talk about nadal's mental strength, it is mental strength when playing from a leading position. still it shows nadal's quality that he was able to match djokovic throughout the match, that he came back to make it a five setter, and lost extremely narrowly in the fifth set. Any of them could have won this. Nadal desperately needs a grandslam win over djokovic to reset his losing record against djokovic in recent years. The last grandslam win against djokovic was i think the french and US open in 2013 when he beat djokovic in successive grandslam finals, leading djokovic to seek the help of boris becker to address the nadal problem. i think nadal should even more concentrate on clay now. he should reduce his workload, not as much as federer has, but still reduce it. and nadal needs to finish off matches quicker. these 5 setters against del potro and A, zverev are killing him, even though he wins

  3. close match, both of them playing near their best level. nadal losing the first set was key. nadal needs to win first sets, that's what causes him to win the match. so nadal was unlucky. still he can be proud of his performance. djokovic is certainly back. he is still losing surprisingly, e.g. he just lost to kevin anderson which is very uncharacterristic, but in the grand slams djokovic for me is the favourite for wimbledon, u.s open and australian open. nadal is favourite for french open, with very likely a nadal djokovic semi or final at roland garos

  4. It seems ridiculous to me that the ATP and the ITF block people from making proper highligh videos on YouTube. It's not like they make money from making highlights themselves, and people aren't going to stop buying tickets to tennis matches because of these highlight videos.

  5. Nole's form still wasn't 100% in this match. But he still beat fully in-form Rafa. This match remind me of their epic marathon final at AO 2012 which was lasted nearly 6 hours.

  6. This one still hurts. Rafa was so close to winning Wimbledon. But remarkable stuff from Nole to pull this one off. Rafa's year would have been stellar if he had won this nail biter.

  7. A victory he never deserved. Shady organisation decisions (ending the match while djoko was completely depleted… Starting the match indoor on djoko's request making it the fastest court in the world…) And nadal being the actual better player… Ridiculous

  8. Poorly compiled. Seems the maker of the video was a fan of Nadal and he didn’t want this video to up created at the first place.
    He couldn’t place a single rally where Djokovic showed his brilliance.

  9. This match would have hurt Nadal a lot. He had a clear chance of winning the match and the tournament. Somehow, he appears mentally fragile when he is playing against Djokovic.

  10. This was the match that well and truly gave Novak that confidence he so needed, esp after his RG loss to Marco. It was one helluva match! I remember watching it in the wee hours of the morning here in Aus, and heading to work on barely any sleep at all.
    I can’t even fathom what tennis would be like without Roger, Rafa and Novak.

  11. Joker is such a cheap rat, he very well knew that the ball was clearly in and was hoping Nadal wont challenge and to hide his guilty expressions he also covered his face by his Tshirt..
    and he wonders why is not loved by many…

  12. Gladiators!
    No other words.
    They stretch their limits beyond belief.
    Very lucky to see a match like this.
    And I am sure the kind of tennis FedEx,Rafa and Novak produces will not be seen in next 100 years after they retire.
    No one from present generation are capable of that.

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