Almost half UK population will get first vaccine dose by May says government – BBC News

Almost half UK population will get first vaccine dose by May says government - BBC News

Almost half the UK population – around 32 million people – should receive their first dose of coronavirus vaccine by May, according to the government.

It says it expects all adults over the age of 50 – as well as the clinically vulnerable and those working in health and social care – to be offered their first jab by then.

The UK’s medicines regulator says the latest research shows side effects from all the approved vaccines are minor and don’t last long.

Progress with the UK vaccination programme is raising questions about when lockdown restrictions may be relaxed.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by medical editor Fergus Walsh, health editor Hugh Pym and deputy political editor Vicki Young.

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  1. UK RISE UP YOUR TIME IS NOW …stop doubting yourself and realise we are not comming out of lockdown. For fuck sake. Just say no.
    Where the fuck are the football lads.

  2. What a failure thvaccination roll out completelyis government has made with this vaccination programe !

    You could not make a worst case up if you tried.

    The guidance for vaccinations was indistinct lacked thought and excluded on purpose the most vulnerable severely disabled and blind in society.This 2.7 million legally protected group was left out of any mention in conflick with the high courts ruling to include them in tier one roll out.The arrangements for tehe program was given to people who had no apparent skills or leadership resulting in confusion ,slow roll out and exclusion of people who are the most vulnerable in society in favour of lobby groups,weak polititcal decisions and failure.

    Out sourced booking service 119 had no provision to book severely disabled blind who were told there is no adaption for this group in the software or the system whatsoever.They were turned away and excluded from any health services completely. NHS England complained that they could not alter this broken system as ' it was organised very quickly by a few at the department of health which is why it was inadequate. Health managers realised it was going wrong at christmas when the first failed programe some 3 million vaccinations behind was termnated.A second vaccination programe was started on the 16 th January which suffered from the the same incompetant inadequate processess of political failure.

    Complaints have been made by many charities who had been excluded who are now pressing for…

    Contempt of court action by the high court against the mnisters and directors of companies responsible.This will be done in the public interest which may result in the removal of people in public office,madatory custodial sentances,placement on the offenders register for allegded removal of medical registrations for doctors who discriminated against the blind severely disabled in health provision.

    Micheal Gove was said to have been shocked this week that health letters were actually still been sent to blind patients.Jaw dropping, whilst the British Medical Council is seeking a new inclusive policy for vacciations for the legally protected group in tier one even if all vaccinations had to stop until this group had been done door steyp to doorstep.

    The failure of this whole affair will have reprocussions for primary care trusts with now intense distrust and reported hatred of GP's by long term very vulnerable who have been excluded by this political disaster. This political interfearence may cost the collapse in many areas of the country costing billions against GPs in compensation claims.

    The gathering storm of longcovid health and social care with the failure to vaccinate immediatly very vulnerable in the community will mean patients with long covid will not get any care whatsoever. It has been pointed out that divisions in the community is distroying social care as a result. Local authority and private sector providers not wanting to deliver health and social care services until vaccinations have been rolled out in the community as an urgent matter.

    The voters are very angry that their hard earned tax money has been squandered on such a failed project.Whilst charities and now insensed citizens discovering this political mess are urging everyone to use their local elections as a protest vote to remove this failing government.

    A group compensation against individuals and government may exceed 32 million pounds

    These politions and scientist must be sacked today! What a mess….

  3. unless you a immigrants then straight to the top of the list ,no different to housing ,benefits………. fk this government its useless time the people took action (by force if neccecery) guy fawkes had the right idea but needed to keep quite about it .hopefully guy fawkes 2.0 finishes the job .

  4. 2.17 'There are no unexpected serious adverse reactions '. All serious adverse reactions, incl. death, are totally 'expected'. So, no need to worry, everything is under control. Especially your mind.. However, don't forget, you still have to pay for your own funeral.

  5. I don't believe them… It first time in history a virus has gone that bad. I feel like they are hiding something from us it just doesn't feel right. And it wasn't the vaccine that's gonna protect you it's Allah the one and only god he will never let you down.

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