Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Oil on fire, prices soar | Oil Turmoil | WION LIVE

Gravitas with Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Oil on fire, prices soar | Oil Turmoil | WION LIVE

Oil prices soar to record high in India, reach pre-pandemic levels globally. Further 20% jump predicted. What is India’s strategy?

On Gravitas tonight, Palki Sharma brings you a report on the policy and politics behind the oil turmoil.

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  1. $ 1.15 cent's price tag of a ball of oil and olvy oil industry is just a 1$ and 75 cent's average price for all the way to the house of suraba to Texas back markets in this country of Israel and SKANDELS of TEXAS LAST TIME YOU ARE CHARGED WITH THE NUCKER WAST AND THE OIL INDUSTRY SKANDEL AND THE WATTER GATES FOUNDATION OF THE BUCH FOUNDATION IS GEATLEY

  2. Hahaha,
    As guess, this channel will never discredit India.
    Such out right bias channel
    Only those doesn't know how to think, will be bought. Stupidity hearer…

  3. Before Desert Storm: Oil was $16.00 a barrel,At the pump in Atlanta,Ga. USA GAS WAS $1.76 PER. GAL.;After the storm, oil per. Barrel shot up as high as $46.00 per barral. If oil per. Barrel is now $20.00 per. barrel why has gas at the pumps in Atlanta,Ga. Remain More than $3.00 per.gallon ? Particularly in the lower income Black Communities?

  4. Surge of oil in the world in general is caused OPEC and AMERICA in PARTICULAR is caused by Biden. and the rise of Biden to power is because of the fooolish leadership of Democrats, the courts backed up by the foolish mainstream media and most importantly the cowardice of the general Americans. . .Look back on Phils. Edsa Revolution, and now on Myanmar. time can’t wait 3 years more

  5. Meanwhile, India asleep at the wheel as Pakistan just gained a friendly terror state next to it, whose strength is fueled by China. Oh by the way, China has designs on your northern border and is debt trapping all your regional friends such as Sri Lanka. Imagine a future chinese Naval port on your doorstep? India's west, north and potentially south will be inhabited by unfriendly countries in the future. That is where things are headed. They need to put their skin in the game. US and Indian interests align completely here.

  6. 4 marines died & 3 injured in suicide bombing. Biden : “ I do not regret the pulling out of soldiers in afghanistan”. Fuel price surged high . “ Biden: I will close THE KEYSTONE PIPE.” To the BorderWall: People who wants to come to America, You are welcome. TO be blamed: Mainstream Media, Democrats big wigs, cohorts on fraud, cheat & deception in 2020election, Mike Pence, mitch McConnel. Bide is foolish

  7. I noticed u threw in there Trumps Afghanistan go-to who signed the Treaty, then followed up with Biden. Hense the problem, ur last statement is correct… looking like America first policy…why … maybe because that's where it came from!

  8. People's position will be clear when Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, gets convicted for "human trafficking and pedophilia" and only then will we be in a position to move forward. All their crimes are going to be exposed, along with Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and co.

  9. To understand any injunction of the sharia, modest clothing for women as an example, one must look at the society that Islam wishes to foster. To take one part and trying to study what role it plays without looking at the machine where it fits in is not honest analysis. It has become fashionable to play to the gallery. I recommend you read Barbara Metcalf on the subject.

  10. On a need to know if working within the united states of America or one of their territories or a coalition government with the united states of America?
    All Foreign Embassies and Consulates must be given rights to enter into a foreign country by the country’s government and report all internal operations of their Embassy and consulate, temporary operations of the embassy and consulate within a foreign country. All Embassy or Consulates only have authority regarding their country’s citizens only.
    No United States of America State and or local law enforcement agencies are not subordinate to the FBI, and the FBI does not supervise or take over their investigations. Instead, the investigative resources of the FBI, the state, and local agencies are often pooled in a common effort to investigate and solve the cases.
    The FBI retains plenary powers of law enforcement over the CIA, at least within the domestic United States. While the CIA has its police force and has a few credentialed ‘Special Agents’ who undertake internal investigations within a certain scope, more serious or complex matters are escalated to the FBI.
    The United States of America’s Armed Forces do not have the power to enter a country unless they have been asked by a foreign country.
    No Church nor Business Corp. can enter into a foreign country without given the league attention from the foreign country’s government.