Russia is ‘ready’ to break up with the EU if it imposes new sanctions – Lavrov

Russia is ‘ready’ to break up with the EU if it imposes new sanctions – Lavrov

A new round of economic sanctions, currently under consideration in Brussels, could lead to Russia breaking off relations with the EU. Russian FM Lavrov says that Russia is ‘ready’ to make this decision if the EU introduces sanctions that create risks for Russia’s economy.

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  1. What is WAR,,,, all of the people who start wars are all mass murderers,Blair, Bush, Hilter, pol pot, saddam hussein, etc etc, when any person or persons agree to kill for political, financial, or just power it is murder, until all humans make war and organised murder at government level unimaginable we can never be an intelligent species, we are all to blame everyone single one of us, the 8 billion could easily get change,,,, but we wont

  2. Sanctions???!!!! Koolaid business

    We did not see sanctions on Saudi Arabia for the killing of journalist Khalid Khashoggi

    We did not see sanctions on Rwanda for invading Congo and having the same person (James Kabarebe) holding the Army Chief position in both countries (Rwanda and Congo ) at the same time in daylight. Never happened elsewhere in history.

    Another case for Rwanda, the gov of Rw kidnapped a Belgian citizen Paul and put him in prison. The Hotel Rwanda gentleman is being seen in a court where he was refused to be defended by his own lawyer. And he was given a puppet lawyer by force by the gov of Rwanda.
    EU koolaid drunk MPz are screaming over Alexei Navalny , why did EU not impose sanctions on Rwanda for kidnapping Paul R?

    These EU politicians drink a lot of koolaid, they put a lot of efforts at talking bul1zh1t

  3. That is exactly what happens…whatever Russia does, EU will impose more sanctions for whatever reason it invents….Thats how they distract from their increasing antidemocratic tendencies…

  4. Hopefully the EU arnt stupid enough to war with Russia, expecially when EU treat most of their citizens like shite, it would be foolish, surely the EU know that their citizens would not go to war for them, many are rioting and protesting against the establishment, national call ups will never work again expecially considering we take in so many asylum seekers that are not willing to fight for their own countries. The citizens of EU can claim asylum also and not be forced to fight

  5. The lovely lady from Ireland was right the bloke was anti immigration. But because it was Russia eu has a moan. Get rid of the eu. We did. Biden administration is worse.

  6. EU worried about the Racist Navalny, What about Julian Assange and Snowden??????? EU worried about Putin's Palace that is Fake News, but what about the transparency on the British Queen's wealth and the ex- Spanish king Corruption?????? Shame on EU that BORROWS MIND from the EVIL called US with its leader BORING BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Russia should make it clear that one more sanction, especially on NS2 will cause ALL the gas pipes lines turned off Enough is enough Though Russia needs the income from those sales but EU needs far more the Russian gas, especially in a cold Winter.
    Enough is enough. Putin's soft approach on these zio criminals did not pay off!

  8. The West wants their Russian Puppet to replace Putin! Navalny is a Western Tool who will destroy Russian Sovereignty economically, politically, and Militarily! HE'S DANGEROUS!!!

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