The Missing Crew of Flight Baron 52 – Vietnam War Mystery

The Missing Crew of Flight Baron 52 - Vietnam War Mystery

On January 27, 1973, the Paris Peace Accords, which ended the Vietnam War, was signed.

However, on February 5, 1973, the Baron 52, an electronic warfare C-47 aircraft, began a covert and illegal mission to locate North Vietnamese tanks traveling southbound and monitor movement on the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Aboard were two teams: the flight crew and a group of technology specialists.

En route, the aircraft was hit by anti-missile fire. After notifying the control tower, the plane went missing, and half of the crew was never found.

Even 4 decades later, many, including some of the men’s family members, still believe that the remaining four airmen were captured by the North Vietnamese and possibly even sent to the USSR to be tortured.

Is the mystery of the Baron 52 an unfortunate accident?

Or did the U.S government bury what could be the last case of prisoners of war taken by Vietnam?

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  1. Cannon fodder. The Vietnam war was a huge success as it accomplished the one thing it was meant to do which was to siphon billions of America's treasure into the bank accounts of a couple of hundred majority shareholders of arms makers.

  2. "the aircraft was hit by anti-missile fire". I think what you meant is anti-aircraft missile fire. I don't know why US want to conduct this kind of operation when they knew that Soviets supplied North Vietnamese have very good anti-aircraft missile defense system.

  3. Why is anyone surprised that the government won't admit the truth..they have not cared for soldiers in years ..
    R.I.P To all of you God bless