Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse's Eyes | NYT Opinion

Inside a Covid I.C.U., Through a Nurse's Eyes | NYT Opinion

The short film above allows you to experience the brutality of the pandemic from the perspective of nurses inside a Covid-19 intensive care unit.

Opinion Video producer Alexander Stockton spent several days reporting at the Valleywise Medical Center in Phoenix. Two I.C.U. nurses wore cameras to show what it’s like to care for the sickest Covid patients a year into the pandemic.

So many Americans have died in hospitals without family by their side, but they were not alone. Nurses brush patients’ teeth, change their catheters and hold their hands in their final moments.

In just a year, we’ve lost half a million Americans to Covid-19. Vaccinations may be offering some relief, but inside I.C.U.s, nurses continue to contend with the trauma and grief of America’s carousel of death.

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  1. Honestly not that hard of a job.. probably not even that dangerous lol probably vaccinated and best masks around lol people acting like these people are “working hard” or have it rough obviously have never done labour lolol

  2. Proud RN here. Its really a selfless job, even to the point of sacrificing yourself for others. If you see a nurse, thank and hug them.

  3. Im proud to say my wife an RN took care and gave up so much love and care to all her patient. Shout out to all of them, THEY are truly HERO.

  4. Really appreciate these great angels who are sacrificing their own peace all the time. Nothing we say or do will be equal to the work you have done. I am so sorry !!

  5. I worked at the covid unit and covid ICU last year in New York and it was really hard both physically and emotionally plus I did not know that I was pregnant with my first. After seeing all the suffering in my unit brought by covid, i felt like I have PTSD.

  6. I wish more and more people would just respect the safety measures put in place. Texas just announced that they are fully reopen 100% they have some of the worst cases in the country and they are on the back burner for receiving the vaccine why are people in such a rush to go out and spread this. The entire European population was almost wiped out by the ebonic plague. Having people learn from the failures of the past.

  7. Thank you for making this film. It was very eye opening . Many of my family and friends are nurses -I’ve always had respect for them – but this has brought it to another level. I would love this film to be aired on tv for everyone to see it.

  8. I argued with a guy on FB who wanted me to believe that his family member was in the ICU for covid-19 and no one was wearing masks so his conclusion was masks don't work. He was located in the US. What hospital in the US let's their nurses and visitors run around without masks in the frigging ICU? If he was truthful that hospital has to be held accountable.

  9. guys, Covid is indeed not a big deal for younger people, I'm 30,
    I had Covid in September, I experienced quite severe muscle pain, fever, but for only 2 days. I stayed home, took all drugs, didn't eat for 2 days and was cured from it.
    However, my father had to go to hospital, his case was severe but he made through it.

  10. This video was soooooo heartbreaking!!! I am in tears!! I can't believe that people still refuse to wear masks!! And now our moron Gov Abbott has opened up the state 100%!! Ugh!!!

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