Myanmar police open fire on protesters in Yangon | DW News

Myanmar police open fire on protesters in Yangon | DW News

Riot police opened fire to disperse protesters in Myanmar’s largest city Yangon. Witnesses say they used guns and stun grenades. Protesters have been taking …


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DW News


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  1. The Hungarian revolt 1956, the czheck uprising 1967, the Tiananmen uprising 1989 in China, show us how ruthless, n Brutal can these uniformed thugs be. UN n world community must not forget when North korea assaulted , infiltrated n pounced upon helpless South korea during 1951. China is still at large to create more Trouble over the Pacific. China is anti world.

  2. Hay Myanmar.
    The playbook of the ages is when the king is telling his guard to go out and kill the people, it is time for the people to kill the king's guard.
    Long scope rifles, knives machetes clubs rocks are all used on sneak attacks.
    Their family their possessions are all part of the play of this murderous riot.
    When enough police and military die they will become upset and not want to listen to the king anymore.
    This is been in the playbook since man first picked up a rock.
    Heck you only need to look next door to the Vietnamese and what they did to the French and the United States.
    Don't count on anybody rescuing you unless there's a natural resource that they want to exploit. Don't believe me look at Rwanda or Tibet.
    The royal family of Saudi Arabia didn't gain power by handing out camels and lollipops.
    The American colonists didn't drive out the English, Spanish, French and native Americans by sitting down and having a cup of tea.

  3. In 1980, Korean troops fired at people. Many people have died. Also, the Korean military stole the government with guns. Fortunately, the efforts of the people have achieved peace, but the pain is not over. Soldiers are soldiers only when they protect their citizens. Other than that, it's just a violent group. All the power of the state must exist only for its people. People have to work together to endure it. The pain continues, but when people win, the pain can be comforted.

    Korea supports all citizens of the world.

  4. Peaceful protests can never subdue the military forces of the Myanmar government, only civilian victims continue to increase. In order to suppress the coup army, the people must also be armed. It could be possible to raid the police station and take away weapons or get weapons from nearby minorities. I hope that we will unite with the ethnic minorities to arrest and behead the thief Min Aung and his subordinates, and give the minorities complete autonomy equivalent to independence to create a peaceful and conflict-free country.

  5. Genocide,killing their own people,greed,lies,gluttony and irresponsible brain dead military henchmen,hang these bastards,its be going on to long,Myanmars growth and future is being receded by the military and they cause deep Psychological problems in the 60 per cent of the younger population,when will people see a replay of when they are in power previously,they need to be wiped out,obliterated and never seen or heard of again for the sake of the people of Myanmar.

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